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Joe Hill come over from Sweden shores
Looking for some work to do
And the Statue of Liberty waved him by
As Joe come a sailing through, Joe Hill
Joe Hill come over from Sweden shores
Looking for some work to do
And the Statue of Liberty waved him by
As Joe come a sailing through, Joe Hill
Talk about a lousy weekend
Couldn't find a single friend friend
Had my heart set on disappointment
Up walks a super Joe Joe
Asks me how my day go
By Joe Thomas & Howard Biggs
This is Eric Clapton's version

I've got you on my mind, I'm feeling kind of sad and low,
I've got you on my mind,
There's a tattoo heart
With an arrow through the middle
Of a name that looks like Joe
And a young girl's looking
At her makeup in the mirror

They got their names tattooed
The cursive sloppy and crude
His on his arm and hers on her breast
In a heart it reads Jolene + Joe
Oh now the whole
[Intro - Fat Joe talking]
Cool & Dre, uh
Terror Squad motherfuckers
They're all gonna laugh at ya, haha
They're all gonna laugh at ya
a better world because of you

Joe's a highway worker
I saw him today when I drove by and the sun was hot
100 degrees on that blacktop sweatin'
He's out
Queeens, is where I stop
On the streets with the beats is where I walk

When I perform, many hearts I warm
I'm better known, as the Quiet Storm
I don't
We can get down, we can we can get down
It's like that man, it's like that (yes!)
Check it!

I'm not your average MC with the Joe Schmoe flow
the courtroom in a Yugo
You know, something like Joe Buttafuoco
But deep inside my heart, the pain still stings
When I think back and remember I was gonna
to get me they try to sweat me saying baby make
Me cum bed me even if they sexy it don't matter cause my heart won't
Let me put my other feelings aside,
comin wit dat drama that you can't even duck
Buck, buck, off the top, nigga you can't even duck
Baby Gangsta, heart stopper, car stopper
I tote this
But sit back and let the song play

Props to Joe Bombay for hookin' me up at the start
I never had the talent but he knew I had the heart

I'm the blueprint, I have your clothes
Lookin' like they was designed by bullet holes and shoe prints
When I bless a joint, it's like Spock
Came up
Love's gone, DOA once we left the murder scene, Joe

When the love goes, the trust goes
It's like you hit my heart with a snub nose
I don't give
fuck up us by them thug life control 
How should the thugster 
Must be in the area 
Outlaw does the law 
Dept on the gangsta 
When's Ital Joe
you couldn't be saved by John the Pope
Money is the bible, couldn't care about a idol
If you're goin' for the title than it's kinda suicidal
was, uh, 'Heart of the City.'
And Beans was still working on his album at that time, so I came up
there to Baseline, it was Beans' birthday, matter