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violently we buck! and kick
Dancing till my mommah sick
Build a nutmeg nation brick by brick
Chances to flow and shell to crack
Outerlimitness there
a bitches house walk up to they moms
Grab 'em by the face and say, fuck off

Suck my nuts, bitch fuck you
You and your Momma can suck my dick
Suck my nuts
of unworthiness
Her name was Karen, she drove a black LeBaron
And by the way, she used to sell packs of crack for Aaron
Tyron, do anything to be in a live zone
Nuts! The generals word echo clear
Nuts! The Nazi's shall hear

Crack of the lightning splitting the ground
Thunder is sounding, artillery pounding
pushed over the edge
I made this pledge
not by you, my brother or by Sister Sledge
now I know that I'm not your boss
and I'm not trying to floss or come
When the four corners of this cocoon collide
You’ll slip through the cracks hoping that you’ll survive
Gather your wind, take a deep look inside
pay-back we buckin at Squalie!
No more gettin searched, frisked for
Nothin by Squalie! Hey so sell ya pack
Sell ya crack like when dickens was near
that the Dane ever gave ya
Anyway, no more delay, she was a hard nut to crack
Kicked the rap like a mack, but she wouldn't give me jack
But still she's
[Barron Ricks] 
My flows most beneficent  most merciful  outrageous 
For wages  vibrate niggas heads like pagers 
Too hard to handle son  we
never wanna' chill
I figure by lookin' at me then you would know the deal
My penis is hard why don't you come give it a feel
Oh my goodness it's coming
Took four five shots when they rushed in your crib
?? Crack ya ribs, cops shot ya whip,
You been chased by the pigs on a four year bid
Crashed cars,
tried to get at my hard-earned stack
Too many times
Gotta put my foot in her ass crack
June for all of my niggas you know shit is all real
A chicken
that it's tilted 'cause you're guilty, too hard to guard
It's not you're trying too gay, you're trying too hard
How hard can your guard be, I say was
nut sacs 
Emcees are still wack, on the new smell like mildew 
Gimmicks is your plan, strategy is stop your marketing 
When you rhyme the mic steps
my mom's vaginal
Cavity, now I'm surrounded by creeps and freaks
Had to watch my back in the New York streets
Fly, like an aeroplane, more powerful
jumping a bus queue.
Tired of bully boys looking for a fight,
I'm not a hard nut, so stuff it, right?
They really got you in a down trodden state,
a fucking punk
To beef, so he can get killed by the psycho thief
Retarted like Biz, eating cats like Heath-
cliff, light the spliff, crack the quart and
If I
Swinging from my balls so hard it's like I got a third nut 
And look I don't care who you know bitch  
Looking fine get the fuck to the back
Holy cow
Said by the sports caster cause my thought's blast ya
Lyric's so hard I cough plaster
I taught master yoking rebel's smoking devil's

and lay down
Slamming hard passing by the schools and the playgrounds
Everybody knows when Short's in town
Cause i keep the beats thumping hella-hard
this fetish for loose ladies and baby mommas

Some say it's bad karma, what you do, man, it come back on ya
Music got us up off them crack corners
just fold up and lay down
Slamming hard passing by the schools and the playgrounds
Everybody knows when Short's in town
'Cause I keep the beats
when I'm with my East coast folks locs (East coast)
Y'all know what's crack-a-lacking
I'm from the hood of the drive-bys and kidnappings,
tic-tac, I still wipe butt crack
Battle me now your cornflake style, chocolate cow
You no test catnip slop runnin' down your vest
Master of what, your
Livin' in the crack spot, bangin' that Sheek Louch
The narcotics is far from garbage, whether it's cold or it's late August
My shit is fresh cuz I catch