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It's hard enough to notice
Harder still to react
Just a stone's throw from the center of our attention
We all fade to black

Save me from
Everybody said Bobby was a little hard-headed.
If there ever was a book on love, Bobby never read it.
Suzy was a poor boy's dream in a high school
Unsettling shrill of a midnight scream

It's too hard to walk away when terror is not too far
When he went to investigate, the blood was boiling

Suga, c'mon uh, sprinkle me gal

It started from my momma (yo' momma?) 
Hard headed and all
She said, "Only the strong survive, Suga stay strong"
"Don't take it so hard we're headed for the North Pole"

Next Xmas I passed by the bakery
Staring out from on top of a cake
Was jolly old Santa with
tell me, it's just about over
Oh yeah
So they tell me, it's just about over
Oh yeah

Man it's 20/20, uh
It's gettin hard, to Main Street,
you're headed for the finish line

Down in the depot out by the meat rack
Down by the tunnels surrounding the jail
Prisoners are marching in squares
Down in Decatur
Where the haters get shown

Ride around the spots 
Where the pot gets grown
Now I'm feelin blowed
Smoke by the zone

Misfit dudes
Leroy was a farmer and an honest man 
Would have lived in Oklahoma all his days 
He just wanted left alone to work a piece of land 
But a hard
She's got dinner on the table at seven
The kids are tucked in bed by nine-fifteen
And she's headed for a hotel at eleven
To meet a man her family's
They were forged by fire
Hard times you get beyond
Gives you an unbreakable bond
Forged by fire
When you pray to god, bet the odds
And walk
is out, blood oozing out 
Some serving caine 
Knowing nothing about this murder game 
Its easily told but hard to hear 
When niggaz finally find
Matches, I need some matches
'Cause I've still got one old bridge I need to burn
Teacher, I need a teacher
There's a lesson my hard-headed heart
place left to hide
Living in the fast lane no one's stickin' by your side

Living the hard way
Put your mind to rest
And forget about living the hard
Daddy worked hard for his dollar
He said some folks don't-but that's okay
They won't know which road to follow
Because an easy street might lead
can't see my way around the bend

All the things I like to take
Cost so much more than I make
And it's hard keepin' even either way
And so I'm headed for
the doorway.
Whatever's left is headed south on 85.
Passing families on vacation headed your way.
They look so happy and alive, and I'm stopping by, Daddy.
longer have meat 

In the middle of the field at the height of the eclipse, 
When all that we could see were the fiery whips 
Of that hot-headed god,
You were killing me in that mini-skirt
Skippin' rocks on the river by the railroad tracks

You had a sun tan line and red lipstick
I worked so hard
Ridin' against the wind in East New Mexico
His skin is dry and worn as the Texas plains
He's headed where the air is thin and and the cold blue
full of Heineken drinking Yankees 
I'd rather be in Texas on my own

So we were southbound 35, we were headed down the road, 
There I was at the bus stop begging you just to stay
Can we work this out, baby we can work this out
A dust trail from a Greyhound headed for
The blind stares
Of a million pairs of eyes
Lookin' hard but won't realize
That they will never see
The P

(You must be goin' blind)
Give me
Invested in this child 
Spoiled and stained by proud divinity 
Gaining at best the perspective and wisdom 
Of not even a fleeting century 

We have now
on the nights that never end

She's hard 16, soft to the touch, but she's seen too much
She's hard 16, will her soul run dry by 17?

The face of innocence