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You've been sanctified (terrorized)
And I've been tried
Guilty by association
You've been canonized
And I've been fried
Guilty by association
You've been sanctified
And I've been tried guilty by association
You've been canonized and I've been fried guilty by association
All the little
You've been sanctified
And I've been tried
Guilty by association

You've been canonized
And I've been fried
Guilty by association

Guilty By Association

So you need a new car? let your fingers take a walk
through the business guide for the "born again" flock
you'll be
Who claim to love us
Yes, love us the most

Guilty by association
Can I lay this down, go underground?
Please show me the destination
though he's gone they won't let her off the line

So she thinks out loud as she screams and shouts
I'm not the one they found me guilty by association
Now I find myself in question
They point the finger at me again
Guilty by association
You point the finger at me again

I wanna run away
Never say

Guilty by association, judged by who I know
Can't keep all my friends out of trouble
When they got no place to go

Me drug free in the midst
future for you
Because you're the scapegoat, you are to blame
This is your life, fifteen minutes of shame

Witch hunt - guilty by association
out of line
If I'm judged cause I'm gonna give my life
To show the world the love that fills me

Then I want to be Guilty by association
Retribution handed down to you
Generation to generation
Guilty by association
We are laid to rest
No more of the lies
Justice shall be served in
in question
(point the finger at me again)
I'm guilty by association
(point the finger at me again)

I want to runaway
(I want to runaway)
She don't need the guilt, she don't need the pressure
But she craves a guilty pleasure
She has no conscience, call her a seeker
Let her know if she
The greater the cost the more they resist

Disinformation, fascination, indoctrination, lies
Guilty by association, suffocation, you would take
the final decision, torture at it's best
Guilty by association, but no more than the rest
A taste of heaven makes the world go round
Despite 11 jurors'
know (good people know)
Good people (good people, good good people)

(Good people)

We're guilty by association
Keeping company with ornery company
the weighted cloak of man's guilt For the blind we must remind 
 Raise your eyes Behind a martyr's mask of supplication 
I find you guilty by association Mute,
I am,Guilty by association,sinner of mankind,I'm forced to
Build my life upon this,hidden path I just can't find.

Well... is this all so
the chosen one

Guilty by association that’s a lie (Liar)
How dare you make that accusation I’m an A1 nigga
Check my verification, do whatever to protect my

Take this line off the song
Put it on a bumper sticker
Billboard blanket statement guilty by association
Black and white gave grey
you none
When it reach out and teach someone, blaze they buns
Now I'm guilty by association
Times of blackness eclipsin the sun, target practice
the truth inside me
So I will suffer at their hands
Dragged through the streets like a criminal
By my own flesh and blood
Guilty by association
There is hell
To the will of the slum bite your tongue 
Burn a bush with the Iron Lung, pay dirt to no one 
Guilty by association, stank bitch 
Want to give
the boon docks so I move without them fakers


I'm filthy so stop hatin' the milli's what I'm waving
You guilty by association you payin' for
a shitty sitch-I-ation
A year and a day, three years probation
Public humiliation, poor representation
Guilty by association

Now don't you know that