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oughta do is lay back smooth
As my vocals compliment the slow fat groove
Just for you to blast around the way
Play it nice and loud and hear me say
it's just one nation under a groove
Gettin' down for the funk of it
Like Fred Sanford in the biz
Yo one held his paraphenalia, a Wu memorabilia
to the S-t-a-double r shines
Chumps be losin it, abusin it, not gainin
So there my gain is they vanish while I'm remainin
And twice as Nice with a Smooth groove I
But you'll find sweetness at you pass by
The palms like El Che bring pride to the landscape
While I'm singing
"De donde son los cantantes"
for power
I was a little nigga
Couldn't stay out late I was sour
So I sat by the window, heard the DJ cut
Impeach the Pres, Apache, and just begun