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A message to the main oh, oh, oh
Yeah, seasons come and go but I will never change
And I am on my way

Oh Oh Oh Oh

Kidz Bop let's go?

this club
Have me a good time, before my time is up, hey
Let's get it now

Ooh, I want the time of my life
(Kidz Bop Kids) oh baby
Ooh, gimme
together for Mr. Rock n Roll

Save me
Love me till the day I die take me to the mountain high
Guide me through the great divide and lay me by
He got a song to sing he got an axe to grind
He far and wide but still hard to find
He go wop bop a loo bop a wop bam boom

He sang Long Tall
a plate

No doubt kid, I hit them niggas like a bid
The prosecutor, running up in your crib
Do your dirt, I do my dirt all by my lonely
It's only me,
tryin' to sneak peep the recipe 
Inside my rap cookbook, paragraphs is gourmet 
You pay about $5,000 a plate 

No doubt kid, I hit them
found into greed by a
Maniac with a gat
See nowadays niggas is like that
I pull my trigger back, the bullets go
Bop, bop, bop now I'm on Death Row
the new way of thinkin'
Light up the broccoli kid
Throw the relish in my back pocket
Keep your eyes open
Push your seat back, just flow
That's how we
You must prove, you're a man

See now I'm back wit the force, read about the kid
From the front to the back of The Source
You see me back
We gotta teach these kids to say no to beef to live
Not by words, but by actions we can repeat the shit
Our brothas killing brothas
Because it only
He was larger than life
He penetrated the roof of your car with a spike
Trained by an insane ex marine
CIA trained a renegade assassin android
do I wont be true to my game
Word up

I can't escape this life that I'm living
I'm in the mix I'm in love with two women
That's word to moms
We're all suh-suh-suh sucked-in-by parlour tricks

Oh the people deceive you the kids never leave
'Cause you make them at home
You try to appease them
Become aware of yourself before it gets too late 

Another message from King Tee the great 


(Grand Puba) 

Yo bust it 

of the week
You'd rather spread them sheets and try to get some sleep
Nobody wanna lift a crate
That ain't living great
You wanna kid and play
You should
Jump in my rocket to the moon, spark an L and just chill
I got on stocks and bonds kid just because I want em
And billion dollar businesses with
by the harm and armor posse
Prolly got me on a radar with a dot
These watching, plotting minions of the lower God scene
Shit hawks abound, in
eeny meeny miney moe
Shiggedy-bop, bap I'll snatch a rapper by his toe
I riggedy-write my pages when I figgedy-feel the flavor
I fliggedy-fly
(Stop the car Brooklyn
Do somethin' to make me feel better
I'ma do somethin' to make you feel great)

It's like
Bon appetit y'all

let it go, we'll never let it go

Drinking and dancing by ourselves, we were chasing the sun
Couldn't believe we made our great escape and got
a million miles away from the sun
But you still feel the heat when we packed us the way of the gun
Like tape digs, raise kids to escape the slave ships
and have an escape. Obie was makin' sure

It was about four or five hours later that Alice (remember Alice? 
There's a song about Alice)
Alice came by
that still on a bone
Me and my team shine
Like hologram fishscale right off the Greek coast
Toast to greats with bubbles
Three states, three cases,
the same
But every time I'll sing for you
But every time I'll sing for you

Wait the same little boy they used to underestimate?
Made a great escape
realised I was the king of the rhyme
I got on the microphone and what do you see huh!
The rest was my legacy
I was born to be the king of the be bop swing