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around enough to see there's more than meets the eye

Everybody needs a little good luck charm
A little gris-gris keeps us safe from harm
Rub yours
Birds fly into my windshield
Thoughts fall from my thoughts
This good luck charm hanging off my arm
Was left here by the police

Words fall out
to the side
See girl I
See my luck has changed for the better

See I got so much love for you in these arms
Don't you know that you're my good luck charm
to the side
See girl I
See my luck has changed for the better

See I got so much love for you in these arms
Don't you know that you're my good luck charm
Such a lucky dog it's good luck - push it
I get turned on by everything you do to me
Don't say you shouldn't do that
Push your hard luck hard push it
will gladly go to war for you
With good fortune
And a great hairdo
You'll bring honor to us all

A girl can bring her family
Great honor in one way
conjure up a secret potion to steal your heart and make you mine

All I've got is a four-leaf clover it's my only good luck charm 
But I get a magic
By striking a good match
And this could be the day

Men want girls with good taste
Who work fast-paced
With good breeding
is hard work
You've never seen work
Feel for your charm
Take out your good luck

We're getting close to the edge
Do what you know
Do a good job
And when my lucky star begins to shine, 
With one luck break I'll make Linda

I'll make Linda mine! 

Words and Music by Jack Lawrence, 1947
I was in a functional way
And I have my brown sound jacket
Queen of call collect on my arm
She was my calm-me-down
She was my good-luck charm
on my good luck charm

Stepping over oceans
Walk across the sky
Universe is shrinking
Down to size
Try to dissolve into space

No one is deceitful
Looking for some good luck
Back slapping
Back stabbing
Looking for a fast buck
Tall walking
Smooth talking
Looking for some good luck
Back slapping
You know time goes by fast like rain.
It swallows your every sound from whisper to rising howl.

Good luck trying to be someone
If you make it
I'm a-runnin' on empty and my good-luck charm
It's like a mojo workin' `gainst this heart of mine
Just a split second for my heart to know
Lady luck shows my love me
Oh, when she blessed me with your loving charms
I've found my place in the sun
With heaven right here in your arms

I feel
Trouble in the city, trouble in the farm
You got your rabbit's foot, you got your good-luck charm
But they can't help you none when there's
my hand
The distance in your eyes
The path's just gone, good luck so long
Cross ourselves and hope to fly

No road maps, no signposts
No north star, no
Luck good Charm つかむのに
くちづけて Let's try
a brand new honey slide
I am for you
Come look into my tiger
On the road to rock 'n' roll
Everybody carries a good luck charm
Said to spook the highway wind
Blowing off old Parchman farm
On the road to rock 'n' roll
A track fiend and saw dust
You're allowed to stare it out
Ooh ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

It's all good luck charms,
All trying to understand.
and he made it for the door
I said hey cowboy if you're feelin' lucky let's shuffle one for fifty down that board
Well Lucy was my good luck charm he
Ones Help
Just A Bad Luck Kid
Dreaming Of Something Else
I Flipped A Coin And God Was On Both Sides
I’m His Good Luck Charm Don’t Be Surprised
ghosts beneath my bed rattling chains

No good luck charm or remedy ever
Proved to soothe my sanity
Nor bad medicine served to ease my pain
negative or positive


Now this is your mom, your good luck charm
Pushin' you to do no wrong, prayin' for you that you live long