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[Chorus: lil scrappy (lil' jon) 2x]
Forever I love Atlanta 
Forever I love Atlanta (what!)
Forever I love Atlanta 
Forever I love Atlanta (what!)
Yeah! yeah!
Yeah! yeah!
Yeah! BME Cliq
This ya boy Lil'Jon
A lot of y'all niggas be talkin' 
'bout air force ones and shit (OK)
About Adidas
dollars jus to leave me lone,
Tell the waitress bring mo bottles up cus she can keep the chaser,
Lil mama switchin' by my section she want me to chase
yay they go hard
And we go home
Crib so big look like the Georgia dome
I'm rollin' like a rollin' stone, they do nothin'
I pick the streets where I
the top of your dome
With this specified time you can do as you please
Make a decision to create life or spread death and disease

We got 360 degrees
From New York down to Georgia it don't stop
Killer Kill from Addamsville with a hot glock

[Bun B]
They say murder is the case they wanna