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Starched white shirts, so neatly pressed by domestic muses
Feed delusions that everything is working out right
But your ribs can't withstand
What kind of vicious muse
Broke the both of you?
Why did your golden hearts
Effortlessly bruise?
How did that waning spark
Fade to black
I spin around in your love
In a place of wonder
I want to wander
With you, my muse

In a dream of carousels
On waves in caravels
When I can't find words and wisdom in my life
And barriers abound
Should I feel blinded by the light
Knee deep up to my neck in heavy water
If she could be	Muse to the Pharaoh
Then one day she might be Queen
If like Sheba, she then could bring presents and wine
The helix he might get
With me he'll spend the rest of his life 
Yes I have been forgiven 
By all whom I've betrayed and loved 
And I have everything I want 
Is it
Now I'm young
I got nothing to lose
I'm gonna follow
I'm following my muse

You're the older one
You're older by now
You're one got some
I killed my muse yesterday or was it yesteryear?
And I built you the great machine to amplify my fear
Would it matter to you if I say nothing as I
Through the desert I have searched
For the place of magik's birth
Guided by the muses song
O'er the sands of Babylon

Through the jungle I have
lamb on God`s ground 
Ridden by the born of horn 
Jigged like a muse on life`s lawn.
Now, me and this friend named, Streetlife Brown
We got a bottle of red and walked downtown
One hand on the jug and one on time
He said, "I bet you
always get in the way

the suburbs dream tonight of finding their muse 
damn those rape victime writers and their five star reviews 

wouldn't want
New-born muses rise from Bolivian

Eyes were open at last
Disguised by an athem
Blown by the northwind
A message was served them
They were chosen
There were people on the sidewalks
Strolling down the avenues
They were sitting outside in cafes
We were looking for the muse
Well I was locked
the rhythm tonight
Move your body, move your body
I wanna be your muse you refuse
Let the movement be the rhythm tonight
Move your body, move your body
Won’t you let me be your rhythm tonight?
(Move your body, move your, move your body)
I wanna be your muse, use my music
And let me be your rhythm
Infatuated with a lunatic and cornered by the muse 
And it goes down every might 
This must be what jail is really like 
And I will scratch my way out
Infatuated with a lunatic and cornered by the muse 
And it goes down every might 
This must be what jail is really like 
And I will scratch my way out
new friends, Momma
But I could really use something to do
So if you're up for it sometimes
I swear you wouldn't have to be my muse

Me and a friend name a Street life Brown
We got a bottle of red and we walked uptown
One hand on a jug and one on time
And he bet me a dollar
a real musician
Frida drew the moon
I’m goin’ by Louise’s Church
She built in the city
Art of grace and style
That could make me smile
Talk to me
Well I've walked alone, I've walked down this long road
Some walk alongside for awhile and then go
I think back on them as the days go by
I call you dear.
My friends think that we're all wrong
another muse for another tragic song.
But who ever wrote a plan
was a fool whn it comes
I've been traveling all these years,
Just barely getting by.
The road can be your friend
Or the devil in disguise.

When the tough get going,
She was born to be my Unicorn
Robed head of ferns
Cat child tutored by the learned.

Darkly ghostish host
Haggard vizier of the moats