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strip dancer that you met in a club

they turned dollars into dimes and dimes to dubs
mesmorized by your brothas when I enter the club
and though
doin my drugs
You see me in the club don't come fuckin my high up and

[Chorus: D-12]
Blow, my, buzz
You want to want to just don't blow, my, buzz
with the son before you got to meet my son

Bridge (x2):
And when I see lightning, feels like my buzz is heightning
Everytime I feel the sun, I can
through the club seeing sister on with some tight skirts
But what I got on ya a sack black lips and lungs
I got what I got to stack hunds and ones
Now I
ass in the face

Yo, yo, the ugliest thug never runnin' out of money in clubs
Got the crib with the African rugs

(Psycho Les)
Baggin' hoes by