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There's blacks with knives and whites with guns
fighting in Howard Beach
There's no such thing as human rights
when you walk the N.Y. streets
are her essence
Nocturnal mistress, spirit lover
Your mouth of wine and wooksmoke taste
My goddess of the violet twilight
You are lust incarnate
the confusion dwell. 

I condemn your presence, 
I condemn your being. 
The situation is at hand. 
You destroyed the honour, you destroyed the essence. 
is it back to the essence of
Greatness I wasn't in the presence of
Cause you was fake and never measured up
You just a nigga on his regular
But how far
The lifestalker

Reaping, controlling, absorbing the
Essence through only our presence
We must be stopped

This is suicide
This is how we die
This is
escape, I can't reflect
The distance kills me, but your presence's a threat!
I will stay with you and cut right through 
Through the essence of all that
you motion to disarm?
Sense of warning
Rigid from the petrified essence
Estimated measures
In my presence
A stew of precious treasurers
bare my witness 
Cross my heart and hope to die or rest (pause) just in case you 
Haven't guessed the essence of my presence to insure you have
giving my life for her sight

To be mine
And in her presence
My fate unwinds
For when her essence
Draws me too near
I can taste her with tears
and Queens and men with wings stand in my presence
In their pure essence, now take me to where my ancestors are restin
They begin to take me by my hands
dimension miracles, all up in your system

Back to the essence, when we in the house feel the almighty presence
Making MC's act humble like peasants
Attract all things inside my presence 

Then let the esoteric essence give off light like a cresent 
Boom with the seeds our plants start to bloom 
anything, anything

Real nigga in your presence
Money couldn't change me past or the present
Homey I'm the essence
Tote a smith and w
Eyes hella tiny in
count your blessings return to the essence
Everytime I see your fam word is bon I feel your presence
Its all over bearing witness like jehovah
a sound to the first "treat"
"Deaf to the ocean swelled" washed up a miracle
A Beautiful yours, a beautiful mine

By the grace of fire, out sprouts
so I had to play you close
Nuttin' less than, black essence, your presence real strong
Dudes all around you frontin' hard, gettin' they trick on
down to the essence
There's no payment for passage, my immaculate presence
Make every revenue street flood, look where it took me
And make that money
or death you will experience this
another key turned to the essence you,ve returned
from the presence of your corpse a great deal can be learned
and player
Player hater, how you unworthy of the presence
Infold or bow to the essence
Bend to the blessings or die by the weapons of creation
Visions by
minds, men women and enzymes 
Vibin off the rhymes sent from the di-vine essence 
Presence effervescence, not to be contested 
Some miss the message, go
still continue to disrespect

The thing I'm talkin' about is an essence 
A foreign fragrance with a presence
That you can't see with the naked eye
and found you
Right at the very essence, there was your presence
Came out your womb, made you my wife
Then came around to complete the cipha, I gave you life
escapes from just what its creating
Jeopardizin' love
Look at all the people that you took advantage of
See your hypnotized
Rom be gone, take another
a sound to the first "treat"
"Deaf to the ocean swelled" washed up a miracle
A Beautiful yours, a beautiful mine

By the grace of fire, out sprouts
die together
As long as I send your maggot ass to the essence
I don't give a fuck about my presence
I'm lost in the blocks of hate and can't wait