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guts when shit gets real
Blood spills on tha curbs of dat 3rd
Killa connection train to serv, Magnolia niggas words
Why's dat? they say uptown's a cut
in the 3rd degree
And to the kids you don't wanna be me
I'm up in the mix of action, where niggas wanna kill me
But it's the start of they ending my
Man, I'm like the Feds, I bring down your establishment
Under the Rico, I purchased my 3rd quarterly from Bob Cito
Got your block locked like
a clown show
Witches in the st. bernard projects, downed a hoe
And it's sad cause niggaz claimin 3rd ward
9th ward and niggaz claimin 10th ward
All my
Show me the sign innocent one
The end might come
Now whatchya gonna do
Be to cold
Who shall save the human race, none
Six thousand, erase,
and send your show to a wake
Cut off a snakehead the same way I cut off dead weight
We negotiate wit .38's in a ?nor? face
GZA came wit the Liquid Swords
made it, saved it
Spent it, lost it, gave it
To people who needed it more than me
Guys in the ends getting shanked for the P
More time I'm tryna show man