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by ascendancy!
The infinitude that my wingspread unfolds...
... Governs my blind spheres!
Visibility enclosed!
The emptiness extends openly...
Breeding decomposition
Spirits rising from the dead
Seeking retribution
Abandoned futures never seen
By those of youth and innocense
A generation of mockingbirds
You are being herded by the wolves
A generation of mockingbirds
Feeding yourself to the wolves
This is the rise of our
You were my blood, but now you're just a tragedy
Backstabber, but you won't get the best of me
Your web of lies will eventually be your demise
an enclosed world
Lifting the veil

Lead into demise
Imprisoned by a man's word
Intimidation into power
With ruthless force
The slightest provocation
intense it drives insane
I walk away from love that became betrayal

In my heart I bear the scars
That remain there forever
Clawed by Love Demise

close your eyes and fail again

Suffocating in agony
Overwhelmed by existence
Nothing more to gain
At the gates of demise


Destruct to a plauge that infects the earth 
Now regret the spawn unnurtured 
And feared to be dead by dawn 

Curse the consumed, born a salve 
Because manipulation's modern methods stamped from cruelty
You're just blinded by a dream that does not exist
You think that you will find your fortune
Realize you're dehumanized
You criticize your existence
It's your demise when no sun arise
When you're paralyzed by your lack of resistance
Realize you're dehumanized
You criticize your existence
It's your demise when no sun arise
When you're paralyzed by your lack of resistance
by this spectral light

Enhance, Enhance
Cloudy, obscure conception
Floating, Floating
Unspeakable perception

Volatile infiltration in visible
In the event of my demise
when my heart can beat no more
I hope I die for a principle 
Or a belief that I have lived for
I will die before my
you will deny
Your part in the demise of a life
Lack of comprehension
Thriving on your cliche
Compelled by self-resentment

[Solo: Schuldiner]
Stalked by the benefactors are brute bestial figures in mind the whisperer dispersing
Uncertainy a savage provoked by mankindpenetration of virginity
Every time I'm left alone
My misery begins to drown me
Tied by a rope of anxiety
Thrown overboard

As I'm pulled under the tides of this fast paced
Troubled dreams
Of a wandering nomad
Damned to be all by myself I traveled far
Following bright stars
Through the endless desert sands
Black angels smile at your painful demise

Taste the venom of mine
The words I speak are the words of your demise
Taste the venom of mine

I am at a loss 
With the knowledge of our impending end 

The weapons we bear are the symbols off our collective demise 
Devised by our
A delicacy so refined
I am the grand chef
The orchestrated conductor of your demise

Fueled by disgust, by childhood foretold
A mere corpus, noxious
that's better, much more bountiful and wide

So when will mankind finally come to realize
His surfeit has become his demise?
How much is enough to kill
to the world, death to the world
Embodiment of all demise, the whole human race shall die

Death to the world, oceans darker than black
Slaughtering creatures
Words and music by Arlo Guthrie

In the event of my demise
Be sure to include this statement
When you are bent on closing my eyes
Thinking about what
For what looked like your heart's demise
Has turned out to be a blessing in disguise

It has worked for the good, like you heard that it could
Where lies the wonder in all I see
Surrounded by a phantom dream
I question my fate in this existence

In my view are my deepest thoughts