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Uh uh yeah
Craig david
It's another one
Gonna make ya dance to this
Gonna make ya dance to this 
This is how we do it one time
Into the year 2 0
Told them he cut his eye, in sparring

Stella D'oro wrap breadsticks
David Berkowitz
Einstein birthed a hit, now nurture it
M.G.M. front row seat
In front of the mic, behind the limelight
A star so bright shines refined advancement
Dance with the last man on the face of the earth
Who did
TV, my antennae was a close hanger
Blurry vision, Mister McGee Hunn, David Banner
Flip the data, the kids was wearin bandanas
Totin hammers aimin
real shit man they outta work
That's why another goddamn dance track gotta hurt
That's why I rather spit somethin' that gotta purp'
Champagne wishes,