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and pain

Driven by adrenaline
Headlong into carnage they attack
Merciless and brutal take the head off of your neck

Sweat flies while throats are cut
My thoughts 
Revolting visions, carnage 
My dream 
Gore soaked 
My hands 
Hallucination, or real 
I wield 
The blade
New disease
New ways to reach out and torment
One by one
Cloned, throats slit and packaged for delivery

Creation of carnage
Reproduced for
the hatred that lead to this carnage

Infested by love, a stone cold killer
Hacking and gnashing without remorse
Pipe fed to her cave, blinded by rage
Rather be dead than alive by your oppression
Rather be dead than alive by your design

Poisoned my fingers
Burned out my eyes
Cut down my throat
One existence to achieve the goals my soul demands
The carnage sick and twisted, death is at hand

Tragedy strikes, in a matter of seconds another
Selective perfection will cut their own throats!
I'm constantly forcing the point, but we're all retching on dirt, =
And we'll choke if we don't
walk step by step with death
Where all bludgeoned bodies lie
You will see my face of rage
Cut your heart out of your chest
Leave impaled
The seed that it nurtured
Was a wilted bouquet
Temper tempered temperature

Squirming through cuts in a throat
Cut it, cut it

This is a Captain Carnage and Necrophiliac duet of death! 
It's the Witchcraft Killer!!! 

[Captain Carnage] 

Fillin my fuckin bed with
Skin falls to the ground 
In a mixture from the wounds 

Fleshy, butchery, inhumane carnage 

Strip the skin off the dead 
Saw the muscles one by one
I kill to create again
Though I never stopped the carnage
Rotten core 

Drenched bodies disease
From massive loss of blood
remember blood from the thighs of the mother 
As everything is eaten by another 
How much more must we bleed her 
I cut their throats while they slept 
inevitably lose
Governed by laws set up by me
Fracture it's jaw to let me be
A cut-out cardboard condo maze
Filled with an insubordinate race
you presents.
Heaven pours from her throat, 
As she sings and as she dances.
The fumes of rich swine, 
Honeyglazed and dripping, playing in the air.
I see them coming in a trail of death

The undead invades, bringer of death
They show no mercy when they hunt for flesh

Carnal, carnage
C'monna, why'want to, surely gonna make it a try
Chiquita, I needa, cut me off a piece of ya...
Attacked by monsters
Kissing dogs

Attacked by
spine was the fun part

Looky looky and I think I see your fucking heart
Uh huh so I'm stabbing like it ain't nothing
Wicked clown cut his way out
feel you
I need you 
I want you, now
Why don't you call me 
You never read my note
You got a dog inside your body
Its got you by the throat
they pass by
Tortured tormented raw terrorfied
Mass of shitfire overdose
Hellchasms yawn wide
And belch soul death
A cut across my throat comes
Do you mean to challenge me? 
Because your speech is threatening to the writer of your history,
Through a future perverted by envy.
Your whisper may
As the evening sun goes down
The dealer shuffles into town
Makes a note of what's a float
And spinning 'round he'll cut your throat
In the time
You watch your hands cut off
Then your legs

The one that you betrayed
Will kill you this way

Scarred by the bastards
I will kill you
Killed by
As the evening sun goes down
The Dealer shuffles into town
Makes a note of what's a float
And spinning 'round he'll cut your throat

In the time
and seized in slavery
Cut throat
Panic stricken, scorched and marked
Barbaric disaster is near
Disease and degradation
Misfortune after fear