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You've been sanctified (terrorized)
And I've been tried
Guilty by association
You've been canonized
And I've been fried
Guilty by association
fried guilty by association
You've been terrorized

And I've been tried guilty by association
All the little loonies with a salient obsession come out
And I've been fried
Guilty by association

All the little loonies
With a salient obsession
Come out from the boonies
With their sharpies and their guns
Guilty By Association

So you need a new car? let your fingers take a walk
through the business guide for the "born again" flock
you'll be
The Anaheim, Azusa, and Cucamonga Sewing Circle, Book Review, and Timing Association 

They toot around town in their big Grand Prixes 
Sittin' in their
On the battlefield with eyes of flaming fire
Standing in the sun, cried aloud to all around
Come together, come gather around the fire,
Come together

Now that
on course
It can be quick to come
But, once it's gone - it's gone forever
Through the winter's woods
To the giddy edge of light
We are all in the vein
It is
Grand filled father fake maneuver
It chills the bones in most mothers
But who's choosing
Latter day saint's are bruising
Expectations great
just don't realize they'll come back and be fucking up your life
In trouble again, I just don't understand
This whole pattern that keeps repeating
the final decision, torture at it's best
Guilty by association, but no more than the rest
A taste of heaven makes the world go round
Despite 11 jurors'
Yeah... a message to the N.B.A. ("well that's alright")
The National, Basketball, Association
We begin ("well that's alright")
Your man is
though he's gone they won't let her off the line

So she thinks out loud as she screams and shouts
I'm not the one they found me guilty by association
Now I find myself in question
They point the finger at me again
Guilty by association
You point the finger at me again

I wanna run away
Never say
free is
I can't be me
Till I know who I am
Do you believe
There's more than what you see
All that we need
Is some free association

Painted pictures in
Train death paintings, anti-meth murals
Color the ghettos of N. Dakota
Bismark tractor association, coffee and toothpaste
This was vacation
future for you
Because you're the scapegoat, you are to blame
This is your life, fifteen minutes of shame

Witch hunt - guilty by association
was pulled for conversation 
On a payphone at the place downtown you were
And I heard traffic in the background 
I hear it all the time
Love you by
was pulled for conversation 
On a pay phone at the place downtown you were
And I heard traffic in the background 
I hear it all the time
Love you by
Getting a notion it's time to rise
The wind blows whispers of doom
I'm in tears
They tell me it's time to rise

I'll face whatever may come


Guilty by association, judged by who I know
Can't keep all my friends out of trouble
When they got no place to go

Me drug free in the midst
Retribution handed down to you
Generation to generation
Guilty by association
We are laid to rest
No more of the lies
Justice shall be served in
the weighted cloak of man's guilt For the blind we must remind 
 Raise your eyes Behind a martyr's mask of supplication 
I find you guilty by association Mute,
in question
(point the finger at me again)
I'm guilty by association
(point the finger at me again)

I want to runaway
(I want to runaway)
was a beautiful child,
Dr. Abe Sacrabin sought to it that Kevin was trained by the best in all
Aspects of performing, his voice was golden 
And had
Put the words in our mouth
If it is what it is easy listening
Come and
Be quick in few words or less
Sound-bite me don't take that out