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3rd Faze (3rd Faze) · Faze Phour: A Twenty Year Retrospective (String Trio of New York) · Chameleon (Vox One) · Nightbirds/Phoenix/Chameleon (Labelle) · Chet Baker Sings [Chameleon] (Chet Baker) · Joyspring [Chameleon] (Clifford Brown) · Chameleon (Tim O'Brien) · Chameleon (Helloween) · Infrared the Chameleon (Tyrone) · Chameleon (Badi Assad) – and 73 other albums »

to be in the 3rd World.  They have bought the 2nd World and put a firm down payment on the 1st one.  Controlling your resources we'll control your world.
Mafioso, scenarios, the scar poser 

Foggy survivalists rott cats in Congo 

38 convo, blow a 3rd on my torso 

When exposed, my snuff nose busts all