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I can't see it

[Chorus: Beenie Man]
Dis bad man you get shot, anyways
Bad man nuh tek back chat, no day
Jamaican bad bwoy seh dat zigga, zigga
really want is deliverance
Do I wear you out
You must wonder why I'm so relentless and all strung out
I'm consumed by the chill of solitary
I'm like
6, 5, 4
(yo chill what's up what's up?)
3, 2, 1
Now what am I mad about? 
(i don't know man)

In my particular style, I rhyme a while
Then I
Plus the blue coats, Officer Lough, took it as a joke 

Weeks ago he strip-searched the God and gave him back his coke 

Bitches yellin, Beenie Man
(I just got the bag homie. Know what I'm sayin'.
Chill the fuck out homie.)
Here, let me hit this homeboy
La da da da da
Shoop Shoop
breaking the chains
Hammer of justice seeking his revenge

Dead man walking by
There's a void inside his eyes
Judgment, a final sigh
Here the screams
My rhymes as I kick them ( ? ) em to the beat
I'm advancin, people dancin in the street
To my drum, more wise words from the Chill one
You felt
She better not crash
Over here waiting on you sitting out of commission
She said chill out my nigga just kick it
'Cause Lord knows I don't need
I'ma chill
	Why man, you feelin ill?
	Stop actin like a {bitch} and take an Advil
It's a plan
	Yo man, you goin out or what?
Yeah give me five minutes
this ain't my style
You gotta understand some stuff a man can't allow
You better chill before you climb a tree you can't get down

I tried to talk to him
Quit talkin', I'm a hang ya by your tongue, yea
Any motormouth could get hung high
We don't fuck wit' niggas like fungi
I tried to talk to him
Quit talkin', I'm a hang ya by your tongue, yea
Any motormouth could get hung high
We don't f*** wit' n****s like fungi
the mail
They can sentence me to life but I won't go to jail
I'm cool calm collected, from class I was ejected
Just me, Mike D., and M.C.A. we're rarely
the wig-splitters and skid bitters who gets realer
Like Beenie Man, carjack a bitch nigga
Who got the keys to the Jeep? Sim Simmer

We never heard of yo clique but
straight into the damn railing

Chill, man, chill
you a couple of numbers when you were younger
But dude switch your whole approach, that ain't proper
Be a gentleman& try to be gentle man
The essence
I'm ghetto calm by the 100 grand on my arms (arms)
Sick watching of a 100 grand on my charm (whoo), broke nigga

[Chorus: x2]
Lady Liberty is by killing her
A wise man said, "A good scotch never spoils"
The same man said, "A watched pot never boils"
I had every intention
vision was blurry, the party was rockin
The tools was knockin, honey want to get it poppin'
Try my best to chill, she was fresh out of Brazil
People was
There's a chill in my bones like the dead cold of winter
Confused and confronted by the man in the mirror
A sinner, a saint, a savior, or a killer?

Man you crazy man I was right there... (Yeah right... I read your rapsheet...
calm down, calm down, chill, chill, Kirk, Kirk...) 

No he wasn't! He's
the fuck you talkin about?)
Muthafuckas is dead, son!
(Yo yo, calm down nigga, calm down!)
Word to fuckin mother man!
(Just tell me what happened, god.)
bam, tha chill
Mc eiht in the house
And we know your muthafuckin' residential spots, geah

[tha chill]
I'm breakin 'em off the proper chunks
light-skinned girls
What's up with that?
Yo, what's up with that man!

[ Play ]
Yo, calm down 
Yo, I'ma make this short and to the point

[ VERSE 3: Kid & Play ]
low; for some reason
stomach had butterflies to leave but I didn't go
My dog said let's go chill by the exit
And watch the hoes come out, nah dawg, I'ma