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Multiple Memphis scares, outlining your insides wit' bars
Grippin' your nina hard, bitch my blood inhaled by heart

When the fuck you gon' start recognize
by one and two by two
Just begun, so much to do
One by one they break with tradition
Raise their flag

And they go their own way
Two by two they
A big adventure awaits

Sad news, France
Suffered a late snow
The blooms break through the ice
In San Francisco
A guitar man finally confessed
And a heart will break tonight
Tonight it's gonna break
Don't know if I'll make it
Through' the night...oh oh oh oh...
Try to get back by eight
Son, don't wait till the break of day
'Cause you know how time fades away
Time fades away
You know how time fades away
Mama, they try and break me. 
The window burns to light the way back home 
A light that warms no matter where they've gone. 
They're off to find
It's just a phase you're going through
Though I won't stop you I don't want you to

Break away   
Fly across your ocean
Break away   
Time has come
Make me lie when I open (without even knowing)
Wasting time dragging me down (through everything that’s broken)
Tried so hard to impress me (by
These things return to me that still seem real
Now deservingly this easy chair
But the rocking stops by wheels of despair

Don't want your aid
It's just a phase you're going through
Though I won't stop you I don't want you to

Break away 
Fly across your ocean
Break away 
Time has come for
Don't leave me now
Now that I need you
How blue and lonely I'd be
If you should say we're through

Don't break my heart
This heart that loves
Needing me by your side
But its not too late
Maybe we just needed time
Can we try to let it go
If we don't than we'll never know
I try to break through
You can't hid these tears that burn
And through it all remember
I'm by your side as you go

The world I know can hate you
The world I know can break you
You'll find out the hard way
Soon you're gonna break

Hey hey hey
Smiling phases
Showing traces
Even if they bust you
Keep on smiling through
We'll have some fun, gonna dance on the run
It's a perfect day to break away

We'll hit Tulsa by Tuesday, follow the stars above
Spend the weekend in
you higher

Sitting by the bed, I can see through her skin
She can hardly breathe a word, Her body is so thin

But I can still see
These limbs
They can
If you don't know me by now
You will never never never know me

All the things that we've been through
You should understand me like I understand
If you haven't got bananas, don't be blue
Peanuts in a little bag are calling you
For at the very break of day
A peanut vendor's
through life
But find out too late of chances passed by

An early start is not so important
But timing is most essential
Opportunity gone is gone
This world's surrounded by suffering
Don't think you can't break free from it.
Sometimes I feel, and you'll see,
The harshness of reality.
Now it's more than I can take
And I feel like I could break

Don't go thinking I'm crazy
But I'm feeling your heartache
Your creation through your
 How can I get through
 Don't want to break the spell
 I just want to dance with you

Cry softly lonely one 
It's over, it's said, it's done 
Don't let your heart break down 
He's not the only one 
So you're blue, And lonely too
a twilight world
Don't be fooled by love songs and lonely hearts
Don't give in to the twilight world

(Inst. Break) 

Don't be fooled by love songs
If you don't bend you'll have to break 
It's good advise but a little too late 
Nothin' but trouble everywhere I go, yeah 
What I've been through