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to the SA
My family call me Hoodie we cool with the last name
I be takin' down my enemy, shoot 'em like Max Payne
Playin' video games, no lana del rey
ke tell me tell me before think-pins sing something that not only rime-rime AH! Raperito that already you finish being born AH! That it is what happens
came from
Born in a world going where they told me I can't go
In my lane, though, I'm in the same boat as Usain Bolt
Get ahead by any means so
Westchester, Playa Del Rey, Santa Monica, Tujunga, Sunland, San Fernando, Pacoima, Sylmar, Newhall, Canoga Park, Palmdale, Glendale, Irwindale, Rolling Hills,
of Leon
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hurry up, bang
Open your mouth 'cause here comes my wang
I'm Violent J, the southwest skitso
Born in a big top, magical mijisto
Dead body disco,
Selassie eye and I'm proud to say, I never need a 9 by my waist
Niggas still respect my game so celestials respect my space
And I just might be in