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Plugged sixteen shells from a thirty-ought-six
And the Black Crow snuck through a hole in the sky
So I spent all my buttons on an old pack mule
And I
were they didn't know
She might but if he did they can't, you must, I won't

Turn our tears to little black holes
To light the way for three blind
the product of mutation.
You may think you're normal, but you are all the product of mutation.)

We're all dancing in a black hole
When all we wanna do is rock
I plugged 16 shells from a thirty-ought-six
And a black crow snuck through
A hole in the sky
So I spent all my buttons on an
Old pack mule
And I
It's the KMD ? g fills 
Which builds up the fence for the fibs you're sprayin'
My ace is in the hole 
So what you playing 
"KMD and 3rd bass is just
By diggers, drillers and sellers
But we won't stop till we're under a black sky

He took my picture in the cemetery sun
My body was tempted
(Bloody murder, murder, murder)

The paper read "murder, black-on-black murder"
Paper read "murder, black-on-black murder" again

This is
(Bloody murder, murder, murder)

The paper read "murder, black-on-black murder"
Paper read "murder, black-on-black murder" again

This is
is white
And I am black
Jesus and his lawyer
Are coming back
Oh my darling
Will you be here
Before I sputter out [Repeat: x3]

Guess who's
swallow my pride

We're feeding the black hole
3RD from the sun
A spawn of this system
With a wish and a gun
Drain me bastards
Feed me with lies
Climbs out of his module into the chemical haze
Two death-defying dance steps ahead of the current craze
Surrounded by a cool blues funk
Got holes
[Repeat: x2]
Oh I miss the kiss of treachery
The shameless kiss of vanity
The soft and the black and the velvety
Up tight against the side of me
See every bullet hole in the window of my past
Now that's what I call a shot glass (two, three, four)

Empty bottles on the table
Black roses
Nice Nice Nice 

Kick 'em in the grill Pete! 
Verse One: Pete Nice 
Gas, past tense, made facially 
3rd Bass'll express, KMD 
Three blind mice
Throw up a black hole at the entrance of linens n things
On the way
Never call it a day
Visit Tesla's grave for the ninth time today
Still on the way
Deep in the mountain of Harlan County
Employed by the Cumberland coal company
The pay is short, the days are long
But our labor union laws are coming
sex, and drugs
Pushin' an '89 Box Chevy sittin' on dubs
Nine thugs all ski masks, black suited with gloves
Break the imprinted chest with at least
Faded dreams and blue jeans
A Rangers cap with sweat rings
There's a hole in the sole of my favorite boots
Well I've been at it a long time
a elephant
I move cars like spinnin rims
I'm in a class all by myself like the brown Eminem
Not to down Eminem, I fuck black bitches
Fuck white bitches, nigga
of control
Black holes and death feed my soul

We are attracted by an incredible force
We're talking speeds that have never been achieved before
We are
Countdown's begun
I'm taking off
(Five, four, three, two, one)
I'm taking off

I keep on sinking in this black hole
Somehow we gotta rise above
Yellow canary, tennis bracelet necklace, knahmsayin?
Three quarter black mink, shades, canaries in both ears
Knahmsayin? Black Phantom, triple
horns atop his head
In between a mop of hair that's red
And in his nose a ring of gold
It smells of monkey's feet and mold
Its toes are black
Its fur
all of my raps
3 pointer, Harold Miner when I lean on yah
Post means I got the toaster and the beam on yah
Broken holes the size of a token
killer bee sting remains accurate like a marksman 

So, tape with caution, we attack like black martians 

Corner of the market, by usin digital