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You took the last train out into the night
You see the outside world, it's rushing by
There goes another town and there's no turn around
trooper got me, beat me like Rodney
Left the big city, turned a Saint like Shockey
Didn't have much but what the good Lord could spot me
Ask me where I'm
Chocolate City

Niggaz with masks on, vests and all black
It's Christmas 2000 and 1, bitch we was all that
Strongest on the block, nobody could budge
And then
or fucking stopped
Now 30 days done, we back to the nitty-gritty
Album got released, big showdown in Chocolate City

Niggaz with masks on, vests and all
but then a younger sprays
CS gas, everybody run, bro
You've gotta love the city in the sun, bro, ya dun know

That's what we call T-shirt weather in
like the Wayans Brothers
Rock City niggas always name each other
Niggas got crews, don't even claim each other, 2000
Ya ya yah.. (4x)

It's almost 2000 y'all;
So this gon' be the night..

While you trippin off yo' car, yo' girls is trippin off ours
If we
City Giants.
Gamble for plots and 4 better for spots and things of that nature.
Pop off.

[Superb of American Cream Team]
I don't rock wit hoes, I
Said New Jack City 2, Banky B. Nino, push a 2000 benz-ino

[Killa Sin of Killarmy]
These rap icons, mass spit fire out of cons
Fuck a bigon, rely on ion
threaten me with ya thoughts just never speak it
One gun accompanied by prayers I never need it
Burning flesh, skin peeling, slow inferno
Take away what
possessed by evil djinn
Police state under pad locks and metal glocks
Where the fiends dream of rocks the size of ghetto blocks
And thugs got a tendency
versions of Feeding of the 5000
By jerks whose only fuck off to the system has been one off the wrist?
It's the Feeding of the 5 Knuckle Shuffle.