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the lyric I said
You kick beats in the bed, I be creatin' instead
People booge in crowds, we can boogie alone
Though the music is loud you're in a 3D zone
searching for the moon in the ocean
My third eye's open, inner vision in 3D
It's killer city, Missouri murdering 'em on GP
So fuck 'em all with a condom
the name of
N-i-n-j to the motherfuckin A
Straining your brain like T.V. Static
Check out the funky 3d graphics
Rave visuals, enter my digital zone
As I
Boy, that's Tung Twista for ya
Comin at ya in 3d
??? funkier than that, boy
Check it out
Kick it again

My tongue is spinnin 
I follow with
out his hands
If the beat ain't slammin and the deejay ain't def
I snatch the needle up off the record and send somebody to get Jeff
(Ah yeah!) when