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Sitting by a broken window
Up in a back room swallowing wine
Gazing down a backstreet garden
With my bed chair table and wine
Looks like I'm
lies baby, 
Don't take me for a ride baby, 
Just stay here by my side baby, 
We won't ever stop. 

I found a love, hidden in a backstreet 
I found
Don't take it for a ride baby,
Just stay here by my side baby,
We won't ever stop.

I found a love, hidden in a backstreet
I found a love, baby
In this corner with the 98
        Subject of suckers object of hate
        Who's the one some think is great
        I'm that one, son of a gun
I'm a rider
I'm a up all nighter
And i'm gonna get to you
I'm a mooler
I'm a backstreet crawler
And i'm gonna get to you any way that i can
a backstreet woman
You got me hypnotized
You got me hypnotized

In the cold of the night
You see the black dog's breath
You feel so ashamed
By your
[Killah Priest] 

In hip hop I'm a pro fessional 

no questions asked  better check my jewels 

from 98 to 2G's  I rule 

Killah Priest
electric boogaloo dude it was cool
We'd bust out the cardboard in the backstreet by the drugstore just me and you 
After school

You said I did the worm
She lives her life in honky tonks and the crowded backstreet bar
A world of make believe that knows no sun, no moon or stars
Just a glitter
the hold.

In the backstreets and the bedrooms
All she's found is disappointments bitterly
While the love that she's too often found
Was enough
longing to be lovers
Promising each other that the night will only know
Parked on some old backstreet
They laid down in the back seat
And fell into
In rags in their normal place
Where diesel machines roar by
Pale dawn, at the scrapyard gates
Fast food parks and hardware mines
Not smiling
figgity-find me in the benz on the backstreet
Listenin' to blackstreet, fuckin' in the back seat
What? '98 thug mania, bring the pain to ya
And ain't no savin
Kenny Silvers the boy who disappeared,
Kenny Silvers the boy who disappeared

Kenny gets by on a fiddle almost every day
Chasing his childlike

Walking down a dark road to loneliness
The night has no mercy
I feel a need in me I can't express

I'll be standing by
I'll be
from years gone by
Toxic waste you buried inside
In Darktown
Take a turn step on down
Through an alleyway you'll find
By the backstreet trash
in the bedroom
Dogs are on the loose
Driving in the backstreets
Looking for the truth

I'm searching for your temple
Hunting for your shrine
There was backstreets of Birmingham
Taking my clothes and my food and a trash can
Sleeping in alleys at night, making love to a bottle of wine
Hey momma, what's happening? (Dip da through the 9-7)
This one's for you baby girl
That's right (As we tip toe to the 9-8)
Lee, my baby, what's
In a back-street club in town he goes to taste desire
Waiting for the meat, the lust burns in him like fire
Flames flicker in those empty eyes
that he would write
So he sat down at her table
And they talked about the weather
98.6 and rising down by Boulder Dam that night


Now he's traded
Why it takes a faster, faster, faster mind to figure out how

She's got a bent belt by her side
She's got that donkey paralyzed
She's got a cold
We were children who played
On the backstreets of border towns
And we dreamed of the day when we might run away
To where the good life was found
I found my heart 
In a pawn shop, baby 
You took me for dead, dead 
By the way, you still 
I am way past tales 
I'm bored and I'm crazy 
Today he traded his big '98 Oldsmobile
He got a heck of a deal
On a new Porsche car

He ain't wearing his usual grey business suit
He's got jeans