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bear our the battle
If I give dem the power they bring back the shackles
So I got to overthrow the struggle.

Captured by command of corrupted law
the reason that...
I'm back to my roots,
Back to my roots.
I'm back to my roots.
We took that commercial road,
Searching for some fame and gold,
bitter cold, I know this love of ours will hold
Yeah these old boots have roots

So I march to the beat of my heart pounding like a drum
Let 'em run me
Get it out of our system rip it by the root

Chorus repeat

The rain came out of nowhere, a bad flashback
Someone hit the switch and the sky turned
there's such a simple healing
Cause we've got a power inside that make us real tough
The right medicine for us is going back to our roots
We better look
An empty swing
Given the chance we'd stop to sing
And watch the world go by

And I tried to take my time
To get back up, hold on and climb
(Dolly Parton)

We might have slept in a rail yard or camped by the river bank 
We fed ourselves from the fruit of the land 
And quenched our thirst
TV invents a disease you think you have
So you buy our drugs and soon you depend on them
Pain is in your mind gotcha comin' back for more
overspill their borders
And chaos then will reign in our Rael

My heritage is threatened
My roots are torn and cornered
And so to do my best I'll
He hung on the windswept world tree
Whose roots no one knows
For nine whole days he hung there pierced
By Gugnir, his spear

Swimming in pain he
Parties go a-searching down the crooked road a ways
Find old rufus there drunk and asleep
Fishing by the water must have killed our beloved daughter
overspill their borders
And chaos then will reign in our Rael

My heritage is threatened
My roots are torn and cornered
And so to do my best I'll
In the dawn of dark skies, a painting of mist spread amongst the air, colored 
leaves die and then abandon their origin. Flowerless aroma and roots
you I'm not leaving
You'll believe it when you see
I'm back for you

And I told you my roots will keep me honest
If there's a bus home, I'll be
I hope someone remembers your name
Where have you gone desaparecido
How can they just turn their backs to our shame
Where have you gone
all by and by and all through and through,
This is the only thing that comes back to you,
How you banged her on a cannon in a World War Two park in
never did allow no roots to grow beneath our feet
Life just had no pattern for Gypsy Joe and me
All we had was each other and the rags upon our backs
And so this natural death occurs
A stem in water never lasts as long
As roots planted in dirt

And although we have had our time
It hurts to watch you
the river’s whispers
Now several girls among our town, by a golden lizard they were bitten
And those sweet girls lay stiff in their beds like frozen ice up
and Billy Shakespeare
Stepped out to get a root beer
We sat together so near
People thought we were queer
Punctuated by the big scare
We joined the Air
mountain roots as you lay thinking there 

Below us the trees grew clumps of trees, raised families of trees, and they 
As proud as we tossed their heads
remember those days clearly
Cannot forget my roots,
Or when it really started
Savin Hill down by the beach

Grades one to eight were nuts,
Hijinx, pranks
Payment for our crimes - witness the decline.
Just a matter of time.
The experiment has failed!
Somewhere down the back road behind the barbed wire,
state that is
Space needle
Eddie vedder

Now to fit in fast we wear flannel shirts
We turn our amps up until it hurts
We've got bad
let's save our brain
Let me see mistakes, I want to be back again

Lightning comes to write my course of life
Beginning in early times
Recollections flow