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son of man, and say to it
Conjure the four winds of breath and breathe

Awake, awake, awake my soul
God resurrect these bones
From death to life,
Just to get by try to stay high it's a good life end of discussion hours like sand
Holes in my hand I'm a good soul,
Martyr me
Wasting my life
world's on a wire
My mechanical moves
Fit the mood you desire

Hope I will recreate the thrill
Take your body by the hand
Shake your soul awake
Dreaming - hagridden through my fear
By the circe of awakening
Stranger - take away the dark and
Save me from insanity
In this place unknown
the arms of the slain
By the blood of a son
I have overcome the grave
By the blood of a son

I have overcome the grave
The grave
Oh my soul
Inside the blood of the dying light by the silence
Is the soul of your born, like I promised it is torn
Pull the strings and hear my laughter

No use
Into Your heart
Lord my soul delights
And I know You hear my prayer
Take me deeper Lord

Glorious Son to You I shall bow
Bow my knee, bow my
live in the risen Son

When You found me
My whole world changed
I'm redeemed by Your life

Let the earth see
You are freedom
Turn my darkness
When I recall just how it felt
When I went walking down by the take
My soul was free, my heart awake
When I walked down into the town
to smother
Wide awake


Where to begin
Bred to win
Where do I go
The soul worn off my skin
So I cut out the hole
In my soul I know is you
Words and music by John Lawry and John Elefante
Based on Psalm 17:15

In the likeness of You
Recreated, renewed
Let me awake forever
In the likeness
God, Awake! 
My final hour is here, my death is drawing near
And now your hearts are filled with grief, Awake!
My soul is torn in two, there's nothing
will I
When I awake and remember why I've been running from your

Dishonored by your world
Your world
I'm haunted by your world

My blood
would leave me incomplete

Though every soul would hold my name in honor
And truest love was always by my side
My praises sung by grateful sons
are unchanging, still the immutable God

Awake my soul, give me eyes to see the King exalted; deserving and worthy
Awake my soul, give me words
I awake the eternal flame who brings desolation
Into my eyes a storming hate waits to be unleashed.
Darkness embraces my soul, my master Satan lead
([CROM:] "Spare this my Palace of Worship, dare not to lay waste A'RYTH-RA !!! For this
try to stay wide awake or you might be found dead by the lake
Soon as you lay me down to sleep bitch your soul I'm a try to take
Pray for light today
stand by? 

I've been awake through the wrong decisions 
I've held the ground now I'm gaining soul 
I bit my tongue through the cold realizations
The subconscious deprecates the day
In the twilight of my own intellect

Dull is my mind
Captive of illusion
Remaining awake
Is just dust

Take my soul away
The rock of my soul went to church on Sunday
The rock of my soul went to work on Monday
Clean across the levy by the railroad tracks
The other
And by my honor I hereby swear
Love will conquer all

'Cause I am the maker of miracles
Chaos awake in my hand
I am your fate
I am darkness and light
Without you woman by my side
Contemplating suicide, torn from all my pride
A man tells me, "Son, that ain't the way.
Gonna make a deal with you
of the light

I've taken your soul and have given you life
You are the damned condemned by my hand
My son creature of the night
In your hour of darkness
My soul simply won't bleed
Coal blackened walls surround my scene hardened,
Callous I've been stung by bees forfeited courage keeps me in need