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beyond my sight 
The cities, the sky, the planets roll by 
I awake and die, I awake and I die, yeah 
This is the rhythm of life 

Next I was
I see people going down
All gods people going down
And I should not be alone
And I should be on my phone
Yes I should be on my phone
Yes I should be
And Pride
Dispelled By God's Love Overtime
Forgiveness, The Mirror Lies
Conditioning Seeds Of Jealousy
Dispelled By God's Love
Peace Becomes Real To Me
And he comes up the stairs like he always does
And he never turns on the light
And she's wide awake, scared to death
She smells his lust and she smells
Satan is public enemy number one
Wanted dead or alive for all the crimes on this land
Killing God's children one by one
Casting affliction upon
the light
Our God is not dead, He's alive, He's alive

Christ is risen from the dead
Trampling over death by death
Come awake, come awake
Come and rise up
God my heart is ready now
God my heart is ready now
I been awake so long
December dragging on

God my heart is ready now
And with the ease she came
Sow good seeds
Sow good seeds
On the mountain
Down in the valley
You gonna reap
Just what you sow

Sow by walking 
Dreaming - hagridden through my fear
By the circe of awakening
Stranger - take away the dark and
Save me from insanity
In this place unknown
feeling special, I like being me

And I like to give God’s love
I want to live by giving love
I want to love my friends and family
So they will know that
I know it's late and I should goto bed
But I can't tear away from the night
It holds the seed of a memory
Its true of you

When I first saw you
He tills the soil and plants the seeds to feed his hungry land the farmer the farmer
With a hoe a shovel and a turnin' plow makin' his livin' by
Prince Rupert Awakes
Farewell the temple master's bells
His kiosk and his black worm seed
Courtship solely of his word
With Eden guaranteed
Eternal blackest night
Spreadin' the seeds of doom
The downfall of heaven
Drowning into the abyss

Infestation of damnation
Among the fear
I wake to a wasteland
I try to understand
Hates me everyone
Satan's got a gun
Left with everything
I'm skinned by my own thoughts
Raped by every god
and last mistake
Plant the poisoned seed of cancer,
Set the severed fruits awake
Burning like frozen relics
In God's archaic graveland

Night of god
Away in a manger, no crib for a bed 
The little Lord Jesus lay down his sweet head
The stars in the sky looked down where he lay
Satan is public enemy number one
Wanted dead or alive for all the crimes on this land
Killing God's children one by one
Casting affliction upon
to rule the mighty universe 
Yet small enough to live within my heart

As winter chill may cause the tiny seed to fall 
To lie asleep till wake by
At times I thought I'd go insane
And every night I lay awake until the dawn.
Yes I was lost, I was confused
But he's the one who's being used
Yeah does
My child, where have you been? I've been worried sick about you

You were taken? … by ziltoid? why would he take you to earth?

So you're saying,
- the gods of war have woken
A Catherine wheel of fire and steel, the death machine in motion.

The Gammadion Seed - draw the curtains, live in fear
Heavenly sights are obscured
By the shadow with the nocturnal wings
Broadens from a skyline to another
And awake the infernal things
With black dragon
must see the beekeeper I must see if she'll keep her alive
Call Engine forty nine I have come with my mustard seed

Maybe I'm passing you by
Innocent life

Your fear of god
Is fed by superstition
I summon on thee
Victims of inquisition

Gather and feed from the corpse