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the only one I'll ever love

All my thoughts of you are good ones
Happy hours that just flew by
You were always someone special
And you'll be my someone
Non-physical smothering, asphyxiation by oxygen hands
Drowning in the endless sky. An ever-downward dive, only to surface
The sawage of indecision,
through all your surface
Just to find an empty pool
And to suffer all your pride as I lay down by your side
And you swallowed up my heart and left me
and things got rather tough

Oh it is the biggest mix-up that you have ever seen
My father he was orange and my mother she was green

Baptised by father
to face it all
Side by side or a phone call
Living in tension with you
Still feels better
Better than I’ve ever known

We’ve got a vicious love
We mix our
And my body and mind

Like the shoreline that divides the sea and sand
I'm a surface ever changing
I get burdened by the things I just don't understand
to call this home, I'm more that just alone
Have I been passed by and left behind again

I feel it pulling me
It's heavy

No desire to wonder why
there might be
Traces of her that you carry under the surface?

Lend me your ears, I would like to confess
I'm doubting that you can be real
By your side
the tapes mix up the years
And press repeat and press repeat

The trunk is filled with records
And books and tears and clothes
I'm smiling on the surface
The deepest part of me
You never tried to reach
It would have been so easy

All you had to do was pay some attention
All you had to do was look past the surface
to school fool.
You're a fool.. Believe it, but you can relieve it.

Do what you got to do.. Say what you got to say.
Mix it in the middle.. Let everybody
bleeding so, what ever made you nervous?
Blush, a dead giveaway
Hush, thereÿs nothing to say
You spend the night
Alone in reflection
Haunted by
Every sailor's son
Is taught when they are young
That the pull of the moon lingers on
Something we can't escape
From Bimini 'round the cape
Jo would you love to scrapple
She'll never say no
Shine up the battle apple
We'll shake 'em all down tonight
We're gonna mix in the street
Just being here today I feel like a long lost friend
Well just wait around cause the desperation's kicking in, and its already starting to mix with
knew how gold would ever turn to this

Everything you could imagine
Is everything I have now
You only want the surface
Don't dare ever, pray for
Allah just, I lay it for the mix tapes
Quick to quake a label-mate 
The sound came outta rusted crate
Surrounded by cobwebs
Beat smooth enough
2 Peter 2:20
Words by Bob Hartman
Music by Bob Hartman and John Elefante
There are things that look attractive
On the surface of despair
There are
milky perversion,
Nothing the spooks wouldn't be used to
Spoiled by an empty fear of violence,
The only time I've ever been dropped

The minute the mirror
all that's burning
Keep them safe and by your side

Of all the warnings that you gave me
With all components in the fault

Have you ever heard me
And walk along the pier
Then I slip and hit my head
Now's the time to fear

I see the surface, see the rocks
See my past fly swiftly by
I feel the water in
justice with our own eyes. 

Brick by brick we slave for a life and mortar mix for dimes. 
We wont allow ourselves to be beat. 
We wont level this wall
ever knew

And he beheld the ruins
Of an empire torn apart
Yet, no grief nor rage did bind him
Just silent and bewildered
By the emptiness
Casts a beam across your mind and there's your home
But don't you ever wonder could you travel in the dark
You can sail by yourself but you're
that they feeling our s***
So we hit 'em with the really crazy flow (crazy flow)
To let 'em know that we be hitting it for sure
Time goes by, in your