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And the enemy marches on you
Hang on, it's a fight
You've been marked by the army of night
You're a target

When your heart
Loved the dark
Hell could just
and conquer
Oh Zion!

Saints of the Most High
It's time for us to stand on
The covenant that our God has made
Oh Zion!
That He is faithful
And always by
flock by night
Behold! From out of the heavens
There shone a holy light 


God is watching us, God is watching us
God is watching us from
an army tank above us by a bloody thread
you bought our government they crawl like bleating sheep to you
we know from history that human life is cheap
the vibe 
And I throw up near side 
Grimy niggas I can feel ya 
I've been here the whole time 

The army's on way 
The army's on way 
Ahh, you'll
the battle's sound

Deceivers - came to claim his crown
And no one's left alive
New day will arise

Hail to our lord
He has led us with his
called us a Legion of Strangers
And they can talk as they may


We fought them in Matamoros
While their volunteers were raping the nuns
There's a lot of light

But no rain in the sky

A friend comes by and we keep him inside

The dogs are chasing the furrows


If you look
the land
Created by the hand of men
Body's ripped to shreds
The stench makes us sick
Among the living dead

When in the darkness, the groans are all we
The towns folk and passers by,
Held them in some kind of admiration.

March on, Marshall Riley's Army,
Marching for your rights,
You've surely
The coldest winter in memory was 1709
The sea froze off the coast of France all along the Neptune line
By the lost town of Dunwich
Rot in cages we crouch naked
Waiting for the rest to land
Extended faith they betrayed our friendship
Imprisoned us by our own hand

Time for us
No longer wit' us, fire your babysitters
You lil' fucks fall back for real
30's the new twenty, nigga
I'm so hot still


Y'all roll
We see the air is thick
Between the ocean and the forest mist
This blackened ocean calling for us

Our minds are drawn to hates eternal storm
History says Americans, we have the right to choose 
But they never mention those of us whose opinions aren't used

There's diamonds in
trousers off
Barman said, "You boys have had enough. Join the army, get yourself a decent job."
Indecent exposure in a parking lot

[Chorus x2]

couldn't fuck with killers, they call us dealers
Niggaz livin' for scrilla, banking with peelas

(P and Silkk)
Army fatigues, niggaz straight like g's
Daddy's in the army, there's a war in Vietnam
Mama kept us going with her sewing and a prayer
It's hard to be a family when your daddy's missing
live on and kill to keep,
We're just lambs here waiting for the blood bath baby,
Hitman army, Hitman Navy.
Moved by the wicked had of money not love,
fuckin A,

I'm a U.S. mother fuckin soldier boy
I'm a U.S. mother fuckin soldier boy
I'm a U.S. mother fuckin soldier boy
I'm tryina
he whip me

You know I'm down
I'm down for life, loaded, reloaded
Let's go!
Gangsta for life 'til the day that I die
Yeah, I promise
No longer wit' us, fire your babysitters
You lil' f***s fall back for real
30's the new twenty, n****
I'm so hot still


Y'all roll
you, they watching you from birth
And they be killing us softly by biologically attacking us first
Don't think that you're immune
'Cause your acquired
coat was born with matchless speed

Thunder Rolling in the Mountains
Lead the People across the Great Divide
There's blood on the snow in
That we're sitting too close to...

Television, the drug of the Nation
Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation

T.V. is