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Green river, why did I roam 
I miss you 

Sun sets low on blue grass meadows 
Lamps are lit and casting shadows 
We say goodbye to another perfect

And here we are, you standing here next to me
Tell me now, my sweet Jimmy
Could it be, could it be that you are my destiny, oh, ah 
Jimmy, we
By Jimmy Driftwood

Along about eighteen and twenty-five
I left Tennessee very much alive
I never would have got through the Arkansas mud
If I hadn't
Of The Best Days Gone By
The Old Songs Are Dancing In Our Heads Now
And The Pictures Of The Best Days Gone By
Well We're All The Rights Well We're All
are never gone

But those were the days (those were the days)
Man, those were the days (those were the days)
We learned all the songs by Hank
though, Jimmy's my roommate, he doesn't even eat much and that's strait 
We just chill all day and watch videos, call domino, and flick off his toes 
we continue in spite of the fact that the fuel may be low on your record player.
We suggest that in places like the Fourth World where things are
Green are your eyes
In the morning, when you rise
Don't you be afraid to lie
By me, my love
Your father will be told someday
About our wedding day
On God's green earth the mountains climb with purple haze
Against a sky of stormy grays
There are ebony nights and silver days
On God's green earth

We live,
Silver wings upon their chest

These are men, America's best

One hundred men we'll test today

But only three win the Green Beret

Trained to live, off
good for us
We just can't be promiscuous
He's a docter -- he should know
It's the work of the devil, so
Girls, don't blow!

Don't blow jimmy, don't blow
Fuck it though, Jimmy's my room mate
He doesn't even eat much and that's straight

We just chill all day, watch video's
Call Domino's and flick off
really fly
With you by the green tree
We'll lie by the green tree
Green tree?
We're your company
We're your company
I'm a workin' woman
With a baby
and oils
Scrapbook newspaper
Clippings and files
A view of di countryside
Remind me of nine miles
Where di trees are green
And di people smile
After few
changes for the strangers on the shore.
They are blue and green no more, 
They are yellow and rose.

Remember when we thought we were in California?
Roses are red, and violets are blue,
Primroses pale on a velvet green hue,
Warm summer days by cool waterfalls,
Like the music we hear,
Roses are red, and violets are blue,
Primroses pale on a velvet green hue,
Warm summer days by cool waterfalls,
Like the music we hear,
On days like these when skies are blue and fields are green
I look around and think about what might have been
And then I hear sweet music float
a city that lives only in my dreams

The groves where we played when we were children
The groves where we fooled around as teens
Those green groves are
On the first day of Chri-biip-mas my true love said to me?

Jimmy, are you listening?
You can't say Chri-biip-mas.
Why not?
You can say biiiip
The secret sweetness of their sin

Oh, young girl
Oh, young girl of sixteen
Child of spring-time
Still green
Lying there by the road

He told her,
Sunrise comes and I don't know why
Living loves and the day does fly
Soon the moon and baby and I
Will be lyin' side by side

How many of your
Farewell to the paydays, the pints and the craic
Oh, We gave them our best years now they've paid us back
By making us yesterday's men
Sure as hell
wanting to see
Like Joaquin Murphy and Jimmy Day
Shake hands with Speedy and shout hooray
That's steel guitar heaven to me
I heard about steel guitar heaven
you but not your bombs...

Welcome here Americans
We love you but not your bombs
And not your lies
You're welcome here!


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