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Look what Jim Crow's done and gone
Went and changed his name
Don't know what he's going by these days
But he's still actin' the same
You can call
town, tuesday. /
Barry's looking through the racing post, / orders coffee, another round of toast. /
Lucy writes a letter, / she'd like to spend
before the weekend
Just another day
Just another day, before the weekend
Just another day
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Day by day it's
Monday morning came another day to you
Tuesday you dreamed it was Wednesday through
And Thursday`s child a long way to go
And Friday night knocking
Another successful breakfast

I wake up in a panic every morning, like there was something I'm supposed to do . 

Something so important I start
another Tuesday morning
Billy's wrapped up tight against the chill
The busker packs his birds beneath the awning
Billy's got his eyes upon the till

It was on a Tuesday afternoon
Josie was one of those easy girls who had wide eyes
And she was drawn in by the incense at the mission room bar
the week

Everything is alright on a Saturday night
And I've got all my fellows with their honey by my side
The DJ spins a record ´till he hits the morning
the basement by himself
Closet alcoholic, 40 oz Jim beam then vomit
Aim for the toilet his head will be hurting in the morning
He's on a drunken rampage smashing
Another Tuesday night
In the rain
Another day gone by
They look all the same

I wake up in the morning
It's another day
Put a dress for you
And endless stream of promises that vaporize again
Remember last Tuesday when you said it was the end
You caught her in your Nissan getting funky with your
It was a fine left coast morning
And I found myself planted outside
The Cap 'N' Cork
Tipping back the hops
In order to calm my dancing hands
Swallowing a swallow
Tasting it again, it's not so unpleasant

Perhaps it's an acquired taste
The first time, it makes you sick
Then, bit by bit, it
and get out with it, man I could forget it
Now I'm stayin with this girl who got a kid
by another nigga, whose crew is much bigger
But he don't dig it cause
placed on stools hanging on the bar 
trying to avoid the brothers 
by looking in another direction. 

Among the other places they took care of 
inside of your box
You got a problem, them Strange rhymers out on your block
So good morning, get it in like it's 30 below
Another ¡MURSDAY! is here
on another penetrating mission.

(?Alleluia? song is playing.)
Captain! Captain! What?s that in space ahead? 

Huh? Oh no, it?s another
on another penetrating mission.

(?Alleluia? song is playing.)
Captain! Captain! What?s that in space ahead? 

Huh? Oh no, it?s another