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My older brother was a gi-joe.
Red white and blue from my head to my.

I'm an American boy.
(He has words speeches by Martin Luther
Look at all the other mothers, envious of all my things
Had to call the plumber
'Cause my daughter flushed by wedding ring

God bless the American
the American man

Free man
Haunted by the music
Ghosts of generations
Beat the drums for freedom
Those that toiled and suffered
And those they try
We're all American girls
And we love the life that we lead
We're all American girls
Hear what we say, know what we mean

We're all American girls
Looking on the English gals
Singing American soul
You came from Northern Street
But you bleached your teeth
When you were voted best south by southwest
seldom get

Only for Americans
Our finest art is in the Louvre
The ones the experts don't approve
Are only for Americans
We keep an artist by
Blowin' in the wind
Callin' out my name like a long lost friend
Oh I miss those days as the years go by
Oh nothing's sweeter than summertime
And American
you are, so why don't we start again

It was colder by the pond
So she wore a pair of my gloves
Then she flew me to milan
She calls me her american
a old time college degree
And when I walked by I heard 'em
Saying that he was something to see

Well, now don't you know that I'm the American Son?
Well she was an American girl
Raised on promises
She couldn't help thinkin' that there
Was a little more to life
Somewhere else
After all it was
I watched the sun fall down in the canyons
I nearly met my maker in LA
I thought I'd seen it all
Until she showed me the American way
Creeped out American girl
Creeped out by the carpet signals
Creeped out by the magical world
Everything is happening behind your eyes

Creeped out
the American Man

Free men
Haunted by the music
Ghosts of generations
Beat the drums for freedom
Those who toiled and suffered
Now those they try
Winter gettin' colder, summer gettin' warmer
Tidal wave comin' cross the Mexican border
Why buy a gallon, it's cheaper by the barrel
Just don't get
My eyes are up here

I am not your American Dream, Your American Dream
I am not your American Dream, Your American Dream

Hey Mr. Music
The life
the success
Of an American dream

Are you confused by the chaos
In everyones wandering eyes
Do you dream of running naked
In warm rain
Are you confused
autumnal changes?
Who? Native North American child

Sing about your ebony African Queen
Sing about your lily-white Lily Marleen
Beauty by the bushel but
He was born in the belly of the country,
Over East of Eden, yeah,
Confused by the big city blues,
He didn't know whose life he's leading, no,
'Cause she wears my ring. 
Oo-ooh, American records. 

And under the boardwalk by the sea, 
With my baby is where I'll be, 

And when she
(Carlene Carter)

To have and hold suburban life
Forever live as man and wife
Welcomed by the neighborhood
The neighbors here are really good
a car by the seaside 
Watching the world from the bright side 
To all of you, American girls in the movies 
Noone can tell where your heart is
Love, Love, Love {CLAP}
Love, Love, Love 

Love, American Style, 
Truer than the Red, White and Blue. 
Love, American Style,
That's me and you.
not for sale
I'm a dying breed who still believes
Haunted by American dreams
Haunted by American dreams
and for years
Now I don't speak any English, just American without tears
Just American without tears

One had been a beauty queen and the other was her
Winters getting colder, Summer gettin warmer
Tidal wave comin cross the Mexican border
Why buy a gallon it's cheaper by the barrel
Just don't get