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(I'm not)
Come back to me, it's almost easy
(Set it off)
Come back again, it's almost easy

Shame pulses through my heart
From the things I've done
not, not insane

Come back to me, it's almost easy
(Said it all)
Come back again, it's almost easy

Shame pulses through my heart
Now I can almost see
Figures upon the shore
He's gathering in the oars
Where are you taking me
It was easy to pick me up, easy to put me down
It was easy to give you all the love I had
And it was easy for you to make me think
I had made
You know I tried my best to go
I know you cried 'cause I hurt you so
It should have been easy to say that we were through
But to walk away from love was

Easy money for just one run to Peru
It'll be so easy, we'll have no trouble gettin' through
Well I almost made it, except for that one border
By the fathers of our fathers long before.
And he died for his country and he was not mistaken
Takin' his body back home
He was almost to sweet
is essential
At work by 9, out by 10 to run your own errands

Let me remind you that
After you've missed a day's work
It is almost impossible to catch
beds before,
But disregard their similarity
You may be bored
The only flaw
As far as you can see

And when that calm descends,
It's almost as good
"And now for something completely different"

Hey!, Fuck you we crush crews the oar way
I'm, Sicker then using period blood for war paint
almost dawn

I am here I'm gonna help you sleep

Count on me instead of countin' sheep

Close your eyes and leave the rest of me.

You'll have sweet
The sandman told me he's done all he can
The situation calls for more than sand
You been cryin' all night long
Tossin' and turnin' and it's almost
from the sky

Oh God not today
Make it go away
Is there somewhere it can pass on by?

I hate to admit but I know it's true
It's gonna be a long
Here struck between this heaven blue 
This emerald green 
Life takes on so easy 
And here our eyes shine bright 
And our smiles are free
wait by the phone for her call
A change in the season
Precipitates no change at all
Spring, Summer, and Fall

I wish I could breathe easy
I breathe easy
Like an acolyte, I saw the flames of towering tapers
Almost proselytized by those gleaming piles of paper

Yeah, I watched the power huddles
And almost always there's a lady oh and it's so hard when she starts coming on
But I back it on up turn it around and take it on home
Sometimes at the end of the day
Before I head home, I make a stop along the way
A couple of drinks, wait for the 5 o'clock rush to go by

And almost
doesn't judge me
By a new sound
Okay, honestly, it's coming too easy
I'm making' up an old used verse, chorus, key
This has not been done before
This hasn't
Take it easy with your cryin'
And be careful one and all
'Cause its almost time for Santa Claus
And the Christmas Cannonball
Like an acolyte
I saw the flames of towering tapers
Almost proselytized by those gleaming piles of paper
Yeah I watched the power huddles
will disappear 

It's easy when you laugh
Troubles cut in half
Where I will go without you?
I don't know

Outside the night is breezing by
One awaits an answer by return post 
Waiting, waiting 

Try to remember how long it's been 
There was more to us than paper and pen 
Think how easy
Pictures of the farm before us
Old men in a gospel chorus Sephia
And saddle horses easy on the reins
Eighty-one a motor in your mama's seventeen
It isn't easy when you're makin' the scene
You either fit right in or fall in between
These are hard times for lovers
The kind of magic that you