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Now tell me what happens to the way things used to be?
'Cause in this game, there'll be no future, G

When will all of y'all learn
That if you're
It's such a tight game
Will it ever stop?
How will this all play out?
Both sides out of mind now

By now we should know how to communicate instead
I'm feeling', baby
Don't want you to know
It's a feeling so deep in my heart, baby
I can't let it go

No one to blame
If I miss this, sho would be shame
and the fame
Extra large!
It’s a shame
Niggas in the rap game
Only for the money and the fame

I don’t need no lights no cameras
Just action, god damn
crazed life 
What would I be, when I think that it's a shame 
Cause my trigger gots no heart homie and ain't no love in this game 

Ain't no love, I'm
a girl
and if I give up that's a damn shame
cause life ain't nothing but a game

Life ain't nothing but a game
Life ain't nothing but a game
even think about it 'cause ain`t no shame in my game

No shame in my game
Stick to the subject I ain`t afraid to be real
A lot of MC`s fake hard just
ain't got no shame
Step in the club like it ain't no thang
Sittin' at the bar while I sip on dranks
Girl wanna holla tryin' to run that game
I just wanna
I sip on dranks
Girl wanna holla tryin' to run that game
I just wanna freak that, ain't got no shame

My cup got syrup in my soda
I don't give
down these one-way's
Streets ain't no football game, we running gun plays
Die for my niggaz, put my hand on a bible
But you cowards start singing, like
I know your crabs from that Old Bay taste
The brass band was seven pieces
My bitch’s name is Peaches
We got twin Mac elevens with the features
not enough
To qualify you for

Fame, you went beyond the boundries of sanity
And every day you defy
All the laws of gravity
You ain't got no shame
not yet met
Well, it ain't no thing and it ain't no sweat

Beastie Beastie Boys gettin' live on the spot
Puttin' all kinds of shame in the game you got
All money ain’t good money
But ain’t no money like the show money

We came from the bottom to the top floor
Plus I paid for it it cost a lot
my kind!
My kind!

I'm in love with a down home man.
Simple lovin' I can understand.
I've been hustled by the best of them,
And you ain't nothing
put it to the curb
We was, young and buckwild in the hood havin fun
A van drove by and my boy caught one
My heart poundin, I was chasin the past
I seen
rap game, this rap game
I ain't sellin' my soul for this rap game
And I ain't diggin' no hole for this rap game
Man, I'm tellin' you, know it ain't

Everybody talkin' 'bout the way hip-hop ain't the same
Suckers kidnapped the game
I know the biggest in the business, and no joke
Half of 'em
to the core
Shame, shame, got no middle name
Got me twenty rabbit feet, but still I lose the game

Hard luck champion
I got my hands in my pocket
My persona sheds more light than a nova
Cause niggas are soldier, yo this war, it ain't over
And ain't no stopping like McFadden and Whitehead
And I'm full of American pride
I keep a Bible on my table
I got a flag out on my lawn
And I don't believe in mindin'
No one's business but my
get their money on
By makin you weak
Drowning in the sea of
Some big dose of now
No past no future
Let the young grow wild
Ain't gave em nuttin
should see me drive

I'm a dressmaker in Louisiana
Stick my finger ain't that a shame
People come to haggle and paw on my artwork
But no two of my
My woman says it's a dog gone shame the way
Some men bring their wives money
And furs and jewelry and I come home
Ain't got a dime and smellin' like
black to tan, heavy-metal rhythm from a one man band
Bust my knuckles in a junkyard scuffle
Whippin' adversaries with a brass belt buckle
Born in