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true love
You met another and (pfft) you were gone

I know that you loved me here's my way of knowing
The proofs hanging out right there on the line
Speakers of the little green amp. The Dave played a chord. Pfft.
It sounded great, yes! Brilliant. That's the sound.
Dave rechristened the green amp "the
the puddles for you
You’re acting irreplaceable, pfft, hardly
I should have took the warning sings
On nights I hit you when you wen you backs at me
detours (pfft)
Rocafella, they feed me see-4
The way I blow up, the versus Gizz 4, you Gs'm Gs-4
You in a Lexus, I'm gon' stream forward
Up in the sky
been called to confession
Pope wants me to do a session
With this bishop
Pfft - aggravating like the hicups
Or the catholics who passed down the mark
Living in a likkle town, murderer
I love it like that, murderer!

Pfft always gotta show off int ya?
your mom's butt crack
You was playin Nintendo upstairs
I had my dick stickin in your mom's butt hairs
Granny walked in, puffing on a jay
"Pfft, my
It's now or never
Can't stay in the same situation forever
Pfft, gotta get it together

My cousin gone from the slum, father was a bum (a bum)