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the watcher
I have power
I see the slithering Serpent
In the foretold Dark Age I see
The greatness of the Dragon's Legacy

Millenniums have passed since
only here to live and die
In the futile days of a faithless haze
Never asking why, why would I
When I've felt the hand of eternity
It's a legacy I
Gather round and listen
As I tell you now this tale
The grim legacy of the pirates three
And how their lives ceased to be
I'll tell you know
and shuttered by the wind
To tell the tale of Lydia, her legacy begins uprising
Unveiling the absurdity in the tragedy of man
And it's hero the all seeing worm
the homies, that's on me
24/7, Kendrick reppin' these cold streets
Don't we live by it, die by it, then reincarnate
And if Game told me, "Drive by it," I
turn to see

1, 2, Minimise damage
Pick up the pieces
Of a broken legacy
3, 4, Hang on tightly
Wrap up warm in the freeze of the city
5, 6, You know
I'll be a karaoke queen, it's not me you see
I'm gonna take you down to a place
I know you'd rather be
It's just a 3 minute song, it doesn't
your free it's multiplied indefinitely
By the struggle that be the struggle I see
To socialistically united the third world countries
Expose hypocrisy
niggas love me, wanna see me win
Got my family over here, ain't got no friends
Me and Slick in the streets, we was waitin' for a rap
Sat down with Young
sleeps till rest in peace
its carved in stone some starved while others bled to eat
rap is my legacy I leave my seed my destiny
except I hope she never see
Felon, fights behind me on the intersection
Sex and drugs my anthology on perfection
Dress superb admired by conspirists
Who wanna try me but ain't high
keep the funk alive by talking with idioms

Yo it's three thousand thirty,
I want y'all to meet deltron zero, and automator

Yo it's three thousand
Pull up a chair to the aristocracy of commonwealth prophecy
The legacy of generation three isosceles
Logical geometry, illogical melodies
the North Pole
Hallucinations, disturbing and violent
My heart pump poison on anthrax island
They'll try to cover up our legacy
So we remain the darkest poets
to be then let it be
It's only right I'm out for the night, my life's a legacy

Verse Two:

Yo, it's like I remember slapboxin now we clap shots to catch
Painted toe nails, legacys die
Drivin by the well, egyption queens, Arabian shieks
Are paid to knock off rich kings, for the joy some sing
rappers for the fuck of it
Live by the mantra: live live, die never so
In other words, the real legacy breathes forever

Drunk driving on a Wednesday
Da moon is full and all I see is six six six in da sky
The Three 6 Mafia
Tha devils daughter bitch is so wild
Whateva you bitches are doin' you
Zooma zoom zoom zoom

I know you need a little background clear though
About your boy Deltron Zero, your hero
In three thousand thirty
July can't deny that we fly...see 
We play every day from L.A. to N.Y..and cross seas we got trees 
In the 
West Indes...Lord, Lord, Lord,
to the motherfuckin', 
One of the hardest lieutenants on the tank, Mystikal.
We was all born to be soldiers.
See, these evil thoughts,
They was scarred into our
kick it on the here and there
The really head to tough but the love is there
My pops died on July 3rd, '98
So now a nigga need mad herb
'cause my pops is
[After every line in verse]

[Verse 2: Chingy](girl)
Breakin' niggaz wit the flow
Movin' faster than +Flo-Jo+
Floatin' through the 3 by 4
Rim cocked to my
faster than +Flo-Jo+
Floatin' through the 3 by 4
Rim cocked to my left low
I'm the boy that got dough
Talk to my dirty mo
Ooh, I'm gettin' it wit
the disinfectant 
Mashed third flo' on the elevator 
Seen Boots hemmed on the respirator 
Death was on his face too soon 
C'mon baby holla at your ace boom coon