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have seen you be reckless in matters of love.
I have seen by degrees the boiling point come and go.

How high your highest of heights? How low are
A Hundred Pounds Of Clay
Gene McDaniels
Highest chart position # 3 in 1961
Written by Bob Elgin, Luther Dixon, and Kay Roger

He took
In Hundred Days they Sailed
Towards Grandious Battles far Away
With Swords of Coldest Black Steel
Bitter at Heart and with Eager to Kill
I challenge you be	 Legit an E 40 
To Numskull an Yukmouth 
Lets see who get the highest. 

The highest niggaz in
the boys had not been found and fear had turned to dread
Two hundred men had gathered there to comb the mountainside
The fires were built on the highest peak

Side by side, souls of kind, different world
Hearts of gold, limbs of steel, Man-Of-War

Oh, place your bets boys, get up, get in time

Side by side, souls of kind, different world
Hearts of gold, limbs of steel, Man-Of-War

Oh, place your bets boys, get up, get in time
the gas and check the air
In a hundred times a day
He patiently gave directions
On how to get to the state highway

Usually he'd give 'em water
Two hundred Irish go into Mexico
To fight a battle of manifest destiny
Driven by their Catholic conscience
They chose to rise and do what's right
on the highest limb
And the sky looks to be stormin' and you'll be cold by mornin'

When I returned without you, her head was filled with words
Her tongue
My first under a hundred
Oh, shit
Let me explain
I broke my finger nails
I don't know how to cure

It's passin' by the third spot
Looks so beautiful
The president came to London
And was greeted by the Queen
And for the people of the city
It was a festive scene
Hundreds of thousands of women
For hours we fought
Wounded and tired with no end in sight
The storm draws near
Upon the highest mountain we stand

Steel against steel as we
with whoever's gonna get me the highest.

She said I won't be much for conversation if we go and do the rest of this. 
She said I've never been much
and wide
Boromir stands by
The mighty oak tree
A hundred arrows pierce his side
I have formed the highest mountains
I have hurled a storm of rock
But matter fact, got more chesse than nacho
Not from rap, when I used to fuck wit Pancho
I'm in the class, all by myself
Now you haters wanna
between the races.
He hold the rock, call for sweat shops.
Guard the set shop replaced by sex shops.
The highest bidder, no room for the quitter.
for the mob
When I make a zillion I resign- I resign
I'm realin in a hundred dollar bill with the line across
When Christmas come around ask Santa
louder than words, I'd rather walk that shit
Since the first album
I'm one of the highest earners on the label
Within six months I put the second one
profundant abundance

On January second the Bush administration
Announced a recession had stricken
The Nation the highest quarterly
Earnings in ten years
up from the bottom, yea that Hoover Figg
Real life fifty niggas, so I like 'em thick
And by looking at your curves, you what I deserve
We can head
He told me I can have it all
Well not direct, I mean he told me from afar
And as he opened up the doors to 100 thousand awes
Iit was loud enough
The sickest of disease 
Johnny Blaze at three hundred and sixty degrees 
My PLO stees is from here to overseas 
Guerillas in the mist swingin from
Keep coming by
I done fucked your bitch a hundred times
What the fuck your bitch got on her mind?
My fucking dick
I call her dickhead
runnin' game, I ain't got nothing to gain
By lyin' to you 'bout this life, but something is strange
If the highest joy is found in created things