Kill or Be Killed
by Keane

On the simple street you will find them all
Wolves of every kind
They bite on sight beware of teeth and charm
The harm is hidden in a smile
They will take your life with a knife and laugh
They live on your blood
You live or die if your bullet don‘t get in
He wins and then they bury you so you've gotta
Kill or be killed
No ones gonna save you now you gotta fight
your way out
Kill or be killed
You‘re comin' back dead or alive baby come
back alive

Gentle are the wars and the whores and thieves
Dangers in a heart
That once grown cold refuses joy or pain
And dies living is joy and pain
Others seek a pearl to an early g-rave
Walking D.O.A.
Please try to fly to even have a chance
To dance free of the subterranean
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