dey critize me huh
they talk bout me bad
let me tell you dis bitch you done made me mad im mad im mad
bitch you done mad me mad im mad im mad bitch you done made me mad

knock knock im in dis bytch let me get some act rite who it is at the door bytch this baby tracklite they critize me talk bout like some fucking hoe they fucked my name up with promos say i dont come to show but you got me fucked up and bucked up and fucked up so i made this song for them bytch niggaz still got all switch played niggaz he gone die from diabetes thats what they say the way he living he gone he up like his fucking daddy they say my attitude rude i need some A-D-D so they medication told mommy to pray for me i wonder what make they hate on me my heart made of gold but now im pissed of ready to cut dey dick off stick it in ddey bitch mouth and suck o yea i thuging strapping up in the project gotta aint scared of nothing keep my name up your mouth and be carefull lil nigga or the fucking abluames gone have to help you lil nigga man im tired of this kiddish shit gone get into some rider shit everytime i see imma hit you with that proper fuck it nigga bring the blues really i aint got nothing to loose keep my name up out your mouth and nigga i aint gone fuck with you bitch


my sugar up im heated now ready to get even now i dont talk my shit i talk my shit when a eagle out dnt hold back shit o they so bad bytch everybody yellin gutta nigga know thats half shit my baby momma she gotta go she leave my son with anybody she want to be a needer so bad but she give you that face and that big ass my teacher talked bout me bad when i cut their class now i fuck the daughter in the ass cuz they mad me mad and all my friends turned on they like boosie you want to get high i dont burn homie they even talk bout doggie all the time i heared your cuzn got life since 99 how he get out cuz he shot at alll the time they nearly had me cryin when they say i ratted on yo but his on blood ratted on him put that in your note i kept it real with his ass when we start making cash when it went down he change thats why im mad


they killed my dog its hurtin me got me bac on purpleE fuck my head up mo cuz i seened him lay out on the murder sceen mad as a bytch sad as a bytch ready to get in some shafre shit got to be cool cant be no fool got to plan this shit and damage it the police they nosy they asking how much bread i make asking bout my watch and bracelet deep inside they playing hating mad at the world cursing out everybody sometime i take it out on my gurl but im sorry and im thinkin boutt my father and i got so much rage and i know he gone raised up out that grave you aint heared they banded that 50 movie get rich or die trying but ifit was a law aronld swaitnigga killed all the time but he black thats the difference its a fact its racism plus im mad at bush decission what they gone do bout terriosm they need to send some nuclear bombs cuz one day it aint gone come they hitting them bigg city im glad im from where im from but i mad

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