(I Could Be) Happy Yesterday
by Stiff Little Fingers

Just like the autumn
When leaves turn brown and fall upon the ground
That's how you left me
You just went cold and everything changed round
If I could have that time again
Would we still be friends
Or am I lying?

With everything I've said and done
And every race that I have run
When there is nothing more to say
I could be happy yesterday
With every lie that I've been told
And every dud that I've been sold
I would forget them anyway
I could be happy yesterday

Goodbye forever
You packed your bags and headed out the door
I'm being clever
Seeing if there's more points I can score
And though I'm sneering all the time
I'm dying inside
Do you remember?


I could be happy
Oh, so happy
I could be happy
But it seems that I'm frustrating
All attempts at my elation
Chorus: x 3
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written by JAKE BURNS
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