by Nicole C. Mullen

When I behold the beauty of your many wonders
And I'm captivated by your majesty
Oh my soul brings out a sacred hallelujah
Back to the source, from whence it came

And when I'm searching for the face of the invisible
When I reach to pull the hand that formed my being
All of a sudden everything that is within me
Blesses your name again and again


Crying Holy is the Lord God Almighty
Worthy is the Lamb who was slain
To receive our greatest adoration
Jesus Son of God is His name

Verse 2

When I'm overwhelmed by all that is around me
And the tears that flood my heart run down my face
I remember that your heart and soul was broken
And even in pain, you're worthy of praise


Crying Holy is the Lord...........

Verse 3

When I contemplate the day of our reunion
I anticipate the one who calls my name
There's a yearning rising up from deep within me
To be swept away, forever in a day

Cause I can't wait to see the ones who've gone before me
When the music takes the laughter walk the scene
But the moment I will live and I will die for
Is to hear His Voice, welcoming me


Crying Holy is the Lord.............
Lyrics submitted by Ruponiso Mahere.