Happy Birthday
by DJ Antoine

...Life is full of moments... This is for you. I wanna let you know how much I care...

I wish you all the very best, may all your wishes come true.. :)
And I mean it from the bottom of my Heart.
Happy birthday to you!

Happy Biirthday to you!!

Happy Birthday-..Birthday to you!!!-you-yeaaaahhhh!!!

-Dance music is brought up a notch (Instrumental solo)-

..Happy Birthday to you!..Happy birthday to you!!

Happy Birthday...- Birthday you ----you!!!--yeaaaaaaaaahhh!!!

Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you, Happy you-you --yeah!!!

This is your moment ... just live it up... This is your time...
so get on up! And rock this place! (get out of space) In outer space! We out of line! So clear the way!

They hates on my rolex...ayyy!!!.. It's time to set it up..Keep dancing like the beat don't hurt... even though with tons...

Take you down to South Beach... (I've been there ;)), where sexy girls/boys are ..(:p lol. )

Eat Caviar and sip the best drinks until tmorrow!


Tonight we party like rock stars.... tonight!!... We running the whole world... tonight!!..we're gonna live forever! :^)
Tonight!!Hey! Hey!! Hey!!!!

... Happy Birthday to you!!!...Happy Birthday to you!!!!
...Happy Birthday... Birthday... To you! you! Yeah!!! :^) :3 =3
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