God Saves Old Sinners
by The McKameys

Verse 1
The drunk on the street, the rich in their palaces
The poor and unlearned, and men of degree
They all have a soul in need of salvation
And they all have to come by Calvary.

I am so glad, God saves old sinners
I'm thrilled and amazed how He sets them free
But the biggest surprise, in redeeming all sinners
Is that He would save, an old sinner like me.

Verse 2
Was I so wrong, that I needed forgiveness
And was I so bad, I had to be redeemed
But I wasn't a thief, but I lived in sin's prison
And I was as lost, as a sinner could be.

Repeat Chorus twice

I'm glad that He saved, an old sinner like me.
Lyrics submitted by Sarah Johnson.