Five Minues to Midnight
by Boys Like Girls

brown eyes and lungs are filled up with smoke
fast live are stuck in the undertow
but you know the places i wanna go

'cause oh oh oh,
I've got the sickness you've got the cure
you've got the spunk that i've lookin' for
and I've got a plan we walk out the door

no you want it just let go
its time to roll down the window
sing it oh oh oh,
yeah all we need
so here we go


turn it up
its five minutes to midnight
you're comming home with me tonight
i can't get enough,shakin' me up
turn it up alright!
at five minutes to midnight
you see our name in city lights
we'll make the clock stop
make your heart drop
and come alive

we could pack up
and live all the things behind
no facts or fiction or storyline
'cause i need you more than just for tonight

you're oh oh all i care
i cant stop my breathing in
i'm weak and you are my medicine
i wont stop till i am under your skin


and when the clock strikes 12
will you find another party
go and kiss and tell
'cause you know i never will
i think we should strike a match
we'll hold it to the wind to
see how long it last we can make the time stand still
(chorus 2X)
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