Fearless Love
by Melissa Etheridge

When I woke up I was seventeen, you kissed my lips in a bad bad dream.
Showed me things, or what they appear to be, called me angel set me free.
Gave me life in the cold cold dark, but you ran away in the morning spark,
made me think that reality... Oh is not where I wanna be.
But I am what I am
and I am what I am afraid of .....
Oh what am I afraid of?

I need a fearless,
Dont need to fear the end.
Oh if you cant hold me now, you will never hold me again.
I want to live my life
Pursue it all, My happiness
I want a fearless love
I wont settle for anything less.

I've walked a path had worlds collide
Lost my way and I fooled my pride
As long as they couldn't feel so strange
if I could only change

But I am what I am
I am what I am afraid of .... so what am I afraid of,,,


Now I'm not here to lay the blame
I understand when you hold a flame
That heads will shake
heads will turn
and sometimes you just get burned.

I want a fearless love , mmmmmmm
I need a

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