everyday your gone
its killin me to be without you
Cant Make It Alone

Everyday your gone
Its killin me to be without you
Cant make it alone

Verse 1:
Its Like a Hangover
I cant get out of bed
Just Like I Wrecked my New Rover I Cant Get You Out Of My Head
Girl I Cant get you out of my head
And I Aint never been low but
Itz like Im broke and outta the game
So I swallow my pride If thats the only way
To Make It Better Baby

I Know I Been Wrong (Know I Been wrong)
And we been Fightin so long (we been Fightin so long)
come and see about me (come and see about me)
Its gettin hard to breathe (oohhh)
Baby Im sorry

I Miss you
Everyday you gone Itz killin me to b without
without you
I cant make it alone
baby can we work it out
I miss you
Its fatal you know
Girl im gonna die without you
without you
tell me what to do
girl cause im missin you

Verse 2:
(oh oh) maybe if i waz older
then i wouldnt be makin these mistakes
and i know yor girlfriends told ya
not to listen to a word i gotta say
but all i wanna do is hold ya
your like a habit i just cant shake
and a life with you is what im tryna make
baby cant you see


Tell me what I gotta do (tell me what i gotta do)
Just tah (bring back bring you back) to bring you back my way
Baby girl just let me know
dont jus (keep hanging) hanging on
tell me what i gotta do juss tah
bring you back (what i gotta do) Bring you back baby
baby girl let me know
dont just (keep me hanging) hanging on
(oohhhhh yyyaa)

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