The way you stumble in the kitchen lookin' for that first cup of joe
How you put on your mascara starin' in the mirror on your tippy-toes
If you wonder why I love you baby
I can't boil it down to just one thing yeah

Every little thing about you baby
turns me on
(If it ain't one thing it's another)
Can't explain how everything about you turns me on
Oooon it turns me
o-o-on o-o-on o-o-on o-o-on

The sexy way you say "Hey baby" when you you see my number on your phone
The way you bit your lip when momma said you cooked the chicken way too long
Girl be careful what you do and say
It ain't fair to make me want you this way when


(oooh oooh oooh oooh)
The way you walk
The way you smile
The way you kiss It drives me wild
The way you laugh
The way you sing
Girl you know it's everything
The way you talk
The way yo drive
The way you make me feel alive
The way you whisper "I love you"
Everything you do just turns me
o-o-on o-o-on o-o-on o-o-on baby


Lyrics submitted by Caitlin.