Damn Thing
by Wiz Khalifa

See we aint worried bout a damn thing, damn thing
And you're talkin it but you not about a damn thing, damn thing
so what you, doin about it not a damn thing, damn thing
keep it movin i've been known for doin my damn thing, damn thing

Verse 1:
You see I'm here now, that's right you not the man
They say i spit coke, supply the block with grams
And I aint with waitin, I'm taking lots of grands
Cause I aint got patience, I'm not a doctor fam
My niggas get it crunk, chump, from the side you from
Smokin something, nigga light yo blunt, aint got your gun we better find you one
Cause this is Pistolvania, where them apes crawl
Bunch of shorties on the corner pocket full of 8 balls
And you'll never gonna see one of my niggas sleep sleep until the cake bomb
Hey what you mean man, something like a cake walk
As far as rap go, yeah it's in the bag
Of course the haters wanna do me bad, prolly mad cause all the shit that i have
I never let em slow me down dawg I'm livin fast
thinkin (?) cause a chick wanna get with a youngin that's all about gettin his cash
I'm still a youngin but, niggas respect the flow
But don't check me, you better check you ho

Chorus (x2)

Verse 2:
I'm in the studio, making classic heat
You niggas made at me, this cash I have to see
And you chumps can amount, out for them ones and I'm bout
Done with you punks and you clowns, wantin to come for the crown
I hear a lotta talk, I gotta let em know
I put the business on a nigga really thinkin that he feelin that he wanna come and test the flow
Cause I'm not for the games, all will you not do a thing
See I was taught you gotta walk if you talk and you say
And it's 4-1-2 til I fall to the grave
They don't know what to do with the ball to this day
Cause I'm always pimpin, if my voice is on a track the whole world gon' listen
Some niggas playa hate but you could say I get away with murder like OJ Simpson
I'm into all day grinding, though not to come easy I'm puttin the time in
The youngin keep rhyming, so that one day I can sit back in reclining
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