Cupid's Chokehold [Radio Mix]
by Gym Class Heroes


take a look at my girlfriend
shes the only one i got
not much of a girlfriend
i never seem to get a lot

its bin time since we last spoke
this is gonna sound like a bad joke
but momma i fell in love again
its safe to say i have a new girlfriend
and i know it sounds so old
but cupids got me in his chokehold
and im a fraid i might give in
i must admit that my white flag is waving

i mean she even cooks me pancakes
and helps me out when my tummy aches
if that aint love
then i dont know what love is

we even got a secrete handshake
and she loves the music that my band makes
i know im young but if i had it
she was over the sun
id be one nocturnal son of a gun

(chorus) x2

its been a while since we talk last
and im trying not to talk fast
but dad im finnally thinking that ive found the one
type of a girl that will make you proud of your son
and i know you heard the last song
about the girls who diddnt last long
but i prommise that this is on a whole new plane
i can tell by the way she says my name

i love it when she call my phone
shes got her very own ringtone
if that aint love
then i dont know whta love is

i traded in ma
holler words for jelly filled birds
and five pounds from know
its credit kicks
its a shliips
its the edikits
for shlety flips
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