Fat magician, emcee technician
highly respected, in my position
Kool Rock-Ski, the chief rocker of rap
beat me in a battle, get off that crack
'cause I'm cold chillin', the bass is killing
the beat is vibrating from the floor to the ceiling
all MCs in the place must kneel
Kool Rocks in the place, and I'm on the kill


The way I came, is the way I leave
live and on the ball with a goal to achieve
packed party rockin' is what I do
and if you don't believe me I will show you
'cause it runs in my veins blending with my blood
my name is Markie Dee and your name is mud
I'm the prince and when they made me, they broke the mold
I'm just like fourteen karat gold


Now I'll rock any party in the darkest night
keep the girlies in check, the guys in fright
never ever gettin' high, I ain't that type
just rockin' on the mic cause its only right
Kool Rock the undefeated and champion king
gotta go get ill like it ain't no thing
im down by law, cold giving you more
gonna rock 'til your body gets sore
bust it


Well im the pilot of the plane, the livest of the troop
I'm the guy the turns the skies from grey to blue
I'm the one who makes you smile when you're feelin' down
I'm the one who lays the laws inside your town
*&^$ the hearts of the best MC's
teach the girlies all about the birds and the bees
rappin' all day long, makin' suckers drop
but I really couldn't do it, without Kool Rock
Lyrics submitted by Chris Ross.